Monday 12 April 2021
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The dealings of Soccer House

The Patriot is in possession of damning documents which exposes puts into question how Tura Magic is run, how it is sustained and how a small group of well-connected individuals with link to the NFA Head Office are able to reward themselves generously.
On 31 August 2015, Jakes Amaning walked into a Bank Windhoek branch and cashed a cheque of N$ 488 424,90 signed by Barry Rukoro and Roger Kambatuku.  Monica Shapwa on 10 June 2016, cashed five different cheques also at Bank Windhoek totalling N$ 120 179.65.
Timo Tjongarero on 17 July 2015 withdrew N$ 171 550. 00 while Amaning’s alleged girlfriend Taimie Velho received a cheque to the value of N$ 95 000 on 23 June 2017, with laundry payments in favour of Taimie’s catering company got rewarded with N$ 108 375.00 over a period of 3 months in 2016. Isak Hamata, a director of Tura Magic’s wife runs a catering company and she through her company Cascadia Event Management was paid N$ 84 150.00 for catering services rendered.
These cheques were mainly signed by Barry Rukoro and Roger Kambatuku. Only in a few cases did Frans Mbidi sign cheques and these were limited to staff or supplier payments.
In 2005 Collin Benjamin launched the Old Mutual Collin Benjamin Soccer Academy which would later become Tura Magic after his withdrawal, when he could not be as hands-on at the Academy as he would have liked to be.
Benjamin started the Academy as a passion project after he gained success and recognition and felt an obligation to “give back to the nation” as he felt duty bound to do.
It appears that since the withdrawal of ‘Namibia’s most successful soccer player’ as he is dubbed, things have gone south at Tura Magic.
In what appears as an intricate web of lies, fraud and deception; Tura Magic at the hands of Jacob (Jakes) Amaning is the current Director of Tura Magic.
During office hours, Amaning works at the Football Association as the Project Officer for Youth Development, and also doubles as the Assistant Manager of the Brave Warriors while also being responsible for the Development team.
Between March 2015 and July 2017 Amaning received a total of 30 cheques amounting to a whopping N$2 429 142.40.
The highest single amount Amaning received was N488 424.90 which was cashed over the counter, like most other cheques with large amounts.  In 2015 payments to the tune of N$1 258 5170.20 were made to him in the space of 6 months with almost all being cashed over the counter.  As emerges to be a trend in many of these dealings, many members of this clique have cashed multiple cheques in one day.
Once a year, Amaning organises exposure trips for football to Ghana and Germany.
An eye witness confided the lavish spending habits exhibited by Amaning in his native country Ghana where cash was splashed with on items like clothing and jewellery items.
Despite reported over time, it remains a mystery how this particular can of worms never gets exposed.
Monika Shapwa who is a current Sports Commissioner and a former General Manager at Tura Magic provided catering services in 2016 at the Cosafa Cup finals held in Namibia. She too has been named in this incestuous cesspool of dirty dealings. When approached for comment on these allegations, Shapwa denied ever having received any cheque from the NPL or NFA, though conceding that she has in fact received a single cheque from the NFA’s FIFA Trust Account for expenses during the 2016 Cosafa Cup in her capacity as Chairperson. When asked to elaborate the reasons for the payment, she feigned ignorance and claims she “cannot recall” the amount.  Ms Shapwa says that none of the volunteers who were at the Cosafa event were paid in cash and that most were paid via direct deposit.
Ms Shapwa is adamant that she can provide reconciliation for the single cheque she received where she cashed it and procured goods from Coca-cola and other stores.
The Patriot has documents in its possession which trails various cheques of staggering amounts made out to specific individuals and businesses most of which are linked to those in the higher echelon in the Tura Magic management.
Without there ever having been any tendering process, jobs have been awarded to the wives and girlfriend club of the men who are at the helm of the team.
A certain Taimie Velho who as the alleged girlfriend of Amaning and the mother of his son, has been granted the jobs of laundering the kits and catering for Tura Magic, has also been receiving various and duplicated cheques in her business and personal capacity for work supposedly done.
Taimie was unavailable for comment at the time of going to print.
The corruption runs so deep that the current Chairman of Tura Magic Peter Nakurua who controls the club and is also on the NPL Executive Committee sent his 13 year old daughter to the Russian World Cup as a member of the youth division.  Only 3 Namibian children were ‘chosen’ to attend.  When asked for his comment on the matter, Mr Nakurua pleaded ignorance, claiming that he had no idea what our enquiry even pertained to, therefore he was not in a position to comment.
Timothy (Tim) Tjongarero who is the Technical Director of the NFA, Education official of the NFA and a Director of Tura Magic has received 16 cheques totalling N$692 132.77 in the period between 2015 and October 2017.
Most of these were cashed over the counter.  More than one cheque was received on a single day on more than one occasion.
Mr Tjongarero flatly refused to give any comment on the matter stating that since the matter is with Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Namibia they should be approached for comment.  He further queried why an old story that had ‘already been reported on’ is being brought up again.
The situation at the football fraternity runs deep and has several layers which The Patriot will reveal in the coming weeks.
Some of the intricacies of the scheme involves wives who act as scouting agents for international teams despite husbands occupying senior portfolios at a national level.
We will also delve into the unbalanced and inordinate number of players who occupy positions in the national team despite skills described mediocre by football pundits.

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