Monday 12 April 2021
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Pastor caught pants down – impregnates member

By Ndapewoshali Shapwanale

An Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN)  pastor said they are looking into infidelity allegations levelled against one of their pastors.
Pastor Wilfred Diergaardt told The Patriot on Wednesday afternoon that a woman laid a complaint with the church, accusing one of their pastors – Lorens Kuzatjike – of having an affair with and impregnating her, and then forcing her to “get rid” of the baby.
Diergaardt said that he cannot comment on the matter at the moment as he still has to speak to the implicated pastor.
“She brought the matter to my attention and I see it as a confidential matter at this moment.
I did not get time to speak to him because as you know our offices only opened yesterday [15 January 2019],” the pastor said.
Another church leader, Naomi Kisting also confirmed that the woman approached her seeking assistance regarding the matter, but that she advised her to seek an audience with the church elders as the matter did not fall under her department.
A dumbfounded Kuzatjike told The Patriot on Wednesday evening that he was “speechless about the allegations against him” and that he does not know what the woman wants from him.
While he did not want to comment on whether he was in a romantic relationship with the woman, he said that the woman approached him for counselling and had constantly been contacting him and making advances towards him.
“We have different relationships with many people.
This is madness. I cannot comment on these things, I first have to speak to this woman,” the pastor said.
The 45-year-old woman who spoke to The Patriot, known as Elifasine said that she had been in a relationship with the pastor for over two years before she fell pregnant.
The woman said that while she wanted to keep the baby despite the pastor forcing her to abort, she suffered a miscarriage in December last year. Medical documents seen by The Patriot showed that she lost the baby on 20 December. She was due to give birth in July this year.
She said that their relationship was private because the pastor is married.
“Everything was alright and going well in our relationship until I told him that I was pregnant,” she said.
She added that the pastor once told her that he does not “date women who do not work” and that their relationship problems may have been as a result of her being unemployed after being retrenched late last year.
“I soon realised that he wanted me out of his life because he told me that he has to send his child to university this year, that his brother was getting married and he therefore does not have time and space in his life for me and my child,” the woman said.
The woman said that the pastor gave her money and advised her to visit a doctor in Rocky Crest for an abortion. She claims that although she had considered the abortion at first, she did not go ahead with it.
Text messages between the pastor and the woman show the pastor asking the woman whether she will do what he told her, which she said refers to her getting rid of the baby.
The text messages seen by The Patriot also show the pastor asking the woman to stop with her plan to expose him.
Another pastor at Inner City Lutheran Congregation, Brian Mbazuvara, also said that he is aware of the claims by the woman against the pastor.
“I only know of the issue because I approached the woman for counselling” he said. She declined his request.

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