Wednesday 21 April 2021
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New Year, New CV

In the modern era, the job market is fast and competitive and opportunities come in a blink of an eye. If you are not ready to grasp them, it might take a while before another opportunity presents itself.
So, how do you better position and prepare yourself for another opportunity? The solution is to make sure that you have an up to date, modern and visually appealing Curriculum Vitae (CV). Your CV needs to be customised to the role that you are applying for. Gone are the days where you can send the same CV without ensuring that it is relevant to the role and that you are highlighting the competencies, skills and abilities that match the advertisement or vacancy.
A CV is a personal marketing document projected to showcase your skills, notable achievements and work experience. “It should be a clear, concise, well formatted and up-to-date representation of yourself as a strong potential candidate to support your candidacy for the position,” said Bank Windhoek’s Human Resources Business Partner Manager Retuura Ballotti.
Your CV should be seen as a tool to sell yourself to the employer. Below Ballotti shares some pointers on how to stand out among the rest of the competition:

Social media platform visibility
Nowadays, once your CV reaches the Human Resources department, a LinkedIn profile search is usually conducted to assess your credibility in the job market, your interests and the endorsements from previous employers, peers and colleagues.
Make sure that your LinkedIn page has a professional picture and describes your abilities, ambitions and achievements that supports your CV. As a social media platform geared towards professionals, LinkedIn is used by employers and recruiters who are looking for job candidates.

Edit, edit and edit again
Your CV needs to be grammatically correct before submission as well as formatted correctly. Spelling, formatting and accuracy of details is critical.  Include current information on your academic background, professional associations, attendance of workshops, skills and experience in a professional working environment plus any other relevant achievements from the previous year. Make it short and professional aiming not to exceed three pages. When your CV is long and longwinded it acts as a deterrent to the recruiter.

Stand out and sell yourself
As you grow, your CV needs to grow with you. Career ambitions shift and change, you acquire new interests and so your CV must also reflect this.
The mistake that many make is to apply for each and every position. It is important to analyse the role before applying and assess your suitability to the role. If after this analysis you believe that your suitability it at least 80% only then do you apply for the position.
Do not be focused on seniority of the role or the sound of the job title, rather focus on finding a match to your abilities and skill set.
When applying for a senior role, position your CV to highlight your readiness to function at such a level. Tell them why you are the best person for the job by using examples of how you can demonstrate your growth and suitability for the role” said Ballotti.
Ensure that your CV is visually attractive. “Pinterest is another social media platform that can offer you modern templates to make your CV more appealing,” said Ballotti.
If you have upgraded your computer, foreign language and soft skills, add them to your CV. Also include awards, achievements and other relevant positive information accomplished last year. Moreover, add professional development activities, certificates, degree courses and in service training completed last year. This will boost your chances of getting the position.

Update your CV regularly
Study your CV and update it regularly, even if you have been in the same positon, seek out new projects and experiences so that you can update your CV as this will give you exposure to new challenges and responsibilities.
“Bank Windhoek will always give any candidate an opportunity to join the Bank that meets the requirements and brings value to the role and organisation. With an updated and visually appealing CV you could increase your chances into a self-actualised career,” concluded Ballotti.
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