Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Kitchen Chronicles

New year’s resolutions for who? For what?  If you are still following the trend of making resolutions and spouting things like ‘new year, new me’ then please know that I am quietly judging you.

We have long been at the stage where we make 5 and 10 year plans and then the passing of one year to the next doesn’t and shouldn’t mean anything (granted, those 5 year plans may fail and get snagged along the way and you have to start over but jy kan mos nou rerig nie wag vir 31 Desember om weer te begin nie).

We need to condition ourselves not to be drawn into the hype of the ‘season’ and stand our own and make our own decisions.  At the end of the day we are the only ones who live with the consequences of the decisions we made for our lives.

Having said that, 2019 is well on its way hey?  There is a lot happening and going on and January seems to be moving along at a fairly decent speed.  Seems like it will only have 4.5 weeks this time around, or is it just me?
We had R Kelly drama, we had Kardashian/West drama, we had challenges running and we still have the village (Facebook) always lagging about a day or so behind on most things fun and relevant on the rest of social media, lol (yeah I said it).

On that note I have a question for Namibians; why are you guys afraid of the twittersphere and the gram?  What did those platforms do to you?  I get that there is that perception of it being all flashy and you have to post yourself like every day and whatever, but that is totally not the case.  And if we don’t populate the sites and offer different inputs on it, then it is just boring and singular.  I mean where’s the sense in that?

So the other day I saw this list online that had like the years listed all the way from like 2000 up to 1970 or something and labelled each decade … I won’t tell you what my decade was labelled but I can confirm that I am officially at least 10 years younger (in spirit) than what my actual age is cause wow. I sat in a conversation with a girl who is (some) years my junior the other day and I could spill more tea, knew all the latest gist and was generally better informed than a relatively young person.  Granted I am a lot more interested in the current way of things than I ought to be, but I also need to be able to have a conversation with people from all age groups and not feel like I need to thumb suck or guess at what is being spoken of.

I was just supposed to greet you all, to herald in the new year (like some kind of angel with a harp) and to reassure all of us that we have made it another trip around the sun.  Here is to the next trip.  As we continue to work on ourselves, our lives, our children, our careers, our vision and our futures I wish us all insurmountable success.

I hope we continue to support each other in our endeavours, and I don’t mean like or heart a facebook page (unless your friend is making coin from that), I mean actually going out and supporting each other’s businesses, each other’s hustle, each other’s craft.

There are talented and motivated people in Namibia who are offering goods and services that are of our own making.  Some are taking huge leaps of faith and heading out on a limb to create a name, a brand, something that we can look back on at the end of that 5 years and be proud of, before we make the next 10 year plan.

Let’s be purposeful about our intentions.  Let’s keep our promises and do what we say what we are going to do.  Let’s be in the number of those 3 friends who end up going on that trip when the other 27 have pulled out midway through.

Over the last few months, many of our relationships have undoubtedly altered.  We may have made or lost or even voluntarily thrown away some unhealthy and toxic relationships.  Some advice for free; don’t go back there.

I don’t mean ever necessarily, but a decision to distance yourself from somebody is never born from nothing.  So let it simmer a bit.  Learn to be without that interaction in your life and to not depend on it so much.And when you have done a few months of that check and see if your life is lacking anything without that relationship in your life.  Some things you need, some things you don’t and some things are brought into your life purely as a distraction.  It is important to be able to differentiate between the 2 and to know yourself well enough that you know what is good for you and what isn’t.

Honestly some things might be just at the wrong time or season in your life and you need to pass up on it because that very thing that looks so good and enticing may be the thing that is holding you back or keeping you from where you need to go and be.

On another note, let’s be kind to our children.  They need our protection, our honesty, our ear, our understanding and our love so desperately, especially in these times. The world has become a quagmire or hurt and pain and desperation and we HAVE to be the place, as their parents, of love and acceptance and correction for them if we want to make any difference in the world we live in.

Allow your son to play with that doll or teddy bear if he wants to.  It simply exposes him to the fact of nurturing and care at an early age. It gives him the opportunity to develop empathy very early on when he kisses its forehead because he accidentally dropped it.

He can even through play experiment with his feelings and as he talks to them finds an outlet which will later in life only be advantageous to him.  We do this with our girl children after all, why not our sons too?

Get your girls some fire and monster truck toys too while we are at it.  Let’s break this cycle of gender stereotypes and allow them from a young age to develop more of themselves and to discover their true personalities.

These little beings are who we are leaving our earth and our legacy to, so let’s do our part so that they are equipped to deal with all life will throw at them.
Happy 2019!

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