Tuesday 11 May 2021
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NFA technically on autopilot

There is a gulfing leadership vacuum at the Namibia Football Association with both the President, the Executive Committee and Secretary General’s terms of office having come to an end.
Technically, the Secretary General Barry Rukoro is currently floating on his contract extension ticket (which on 2 June 2018 stipulated that he stays on until congress, whenever that happens) while the NFA President Frans Mbidi who has the mandate to call congress has failed to do so timeously and is currently out of contract.
The body currently finds itself in a predicament but there is no rush since the football body has nothing major to administer amid the festive season and a break from the Brave Warriors calendar until next March 2019.
In line with the NFA Constitution, Rukoro remains the subtantive head of the association until congress happens supported by Article 33, 9.
The sub-article stipulates that ‘if more than 50 percent of the positions of the Executive committee become vacant, the Secretary General shall convene an Extraordinary congress within the prescribed period of time.’
In addition, Article 31 articulates that ‘The secretary general shall be responsible for recording the minutes at the congress.
The minutes shall be checked by those members designated and finally approved at the next Congress.’
Analysts are of the opinion that Rukoro at this current moment will be shooting himself in the foot, if he is to call for congress since his reliable cronies in the executive have also exited with Mbidi.
Alternatively, the only body with the powers to call for a congress rests in the regions, who can do so within a calendar month. This is also unlikely since the majority of the regional leadership is partly captured by the out-of-favour, yet obstinate secretary general.
Should Rukoro call for an ordinary congress, he has to honour Article 27: 2 which stipulates that ‘The Executive Committee shall fix the place and date, the Members shall be notified in writing at least 2 months in advance.’
The football fraternity continues to wonder why Mbidi, since the extension of Rukoro’s contract has failed to call for a congress which was due to have taken place before the 6 December 2018, which incidentally is the day their collective terms came to an end.
With FIFA due to visit the country on 19 and 20 December, this will hopefully steer football into the right direction with a capable leadership.
All hope is pinned on the Normalisation Committee which will comprise a legal, compliance and administrative expert.
Controversy and continued fights at the Soccer house are nothing new with the top leadership forever clashing and the athletes on the receiving end of the consequences of the leadership crisis.
The infighting has caused the Under 20 national team to withdraw from the 2018 MOPANI Copper Mines COSAFA Under-20 Championships in Kitwe, Zambia due to a lack of funds. This is notwithstanding the fact that the NFA remains unable to account for its gate takings during matches played in Namibia.
There have been several financial deficiencies as far as accountability is concerned with both parties blaming the other.
One such incidence is the accountability of FIFA’s U$500 000 annual subsidy to the NFA which is disbursed under strict conditions such as that requirement that it cannot be used as guarantee for any loans nor may that account be overdrawn.
The FIFA Bank account is with Bank Windhoek while the NFA account is with FNB.
The first and second divisions have progressed without full amounts paid to them and no one is able to explain the deliberate snub.
Also, all 14 regions are yet to receive funds due to them.
At the moment, those close to the kitty have it on good standing that the two bank accounts under the NFA are depleted.
FIFA is said to have agreed to bail out the Association during the first quarter of 2019, monies which will come in handy for the Brave Warriors game in March.

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