Monday 12 April 2021
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Swapo’s internal squabbles and deteriorating National standards

I sometimes look at the progress of our politicians and just wonder if they are aware of the impact of their decisions on the progress of the nation.
While the SWAPO party has become comfortable of being the ruling party since 1990, it has grown to be a party engulf in self-destruction. Why is SWAPO’s affair of national concern, even to anyone who may not be its member or supporter?
The condition of this ruling party would eventually flow into how this nation is governed  whether we like it or not.
The Secretary Generally of SWAPO recently said in public of how the party is intact and unified – a pure political statement that holds no truth.
Yet, the faction that is Sofia Shaningwa’s would have the public believe that everything in the party is healthy and shouldn’t be worried by minor ‘elements.’ The autocratic tone, the covering up of facts, and changing the rules of the party to serve the interests of certain individuals, is but evidence of what is wrong with the former revolutionary party.
If the Secretary General is truly convinced that SWAPO is unified more than ever, then we should be worried that we’re not far from a dystopian state. We’re literally in George Orwell’s 1984, a state of alternative facts, in which the ministry of truth rewrites the obvious. With each rewriting the situation continued to worsen.
I’d like to believe that the current SWAPO leadership hasn’t reached a state of no longer listening to the people and surrounding itself with people who have nothing to say.
Although that’s the feeling, we tend to hope that we’re in a redeemable condition. But that redemption must be on the basis of a leadership that seeks to promote the interest of the nation rather than clique ideologies and blind loyalism.
Twenty-eighty years of governing this country should be considered a great privilege, it’s evidence of the people’s trust in the ideologies of what this party stands for.
However, in recent years, many are wondering if this is the party worth joining and encouraging their children to be party of. The ideological poverty that runs through the media, the irrational and draconian changes of rules and increasing micro-management at all levels, are evidence of something having gone awkwardly wrong.
The struggles at the party level eventually spill over into the structures of national governance. Although the President recently congratulated his ministers for work well-done in 2018, the public sat there to ask – ‘What work did they do?’ For the most part of the year they’ve merely been playing politics of survival. It is nearly impossible to think of a noteworthy public debate that any of the ministers put up this year.
SWAPO’s internal failure to hold itself together is spilling into how it is governing the country entrusted to her by the public of voters. A sad state of things.
With a crumbling economy, deteriorating public infrastructures, depreciating quality of life and poor leadership, the SWAPO government should be joining efforts to address these issues. Instead of power struggles and politics that advance factions, there are major that need immediate addressing.
This should be the role of any ruling party that it responds to the material needs of the people and work to make things better. At present, SWAPO does not inspire that confidence; instead it has fallen into the game of personal survival.
This is an obvious leadership failure, the kind that has lost touch with the reality of its people. A leadership that has become to elitist lifestyle that it has made politics a way of preserving that life of comfort. Shaningwa, and the entire executive should return to the drawing tables and mend its relationships.
To ignore such obvious division in public is an insult to the nation that feels the brunt of your internal squabbles. For many Namibians, our lives are engulfed in practical day to day bread and butter struggles, a struggle many of you no longer can recall except by hearsay.
Finally, your politicking is throwing sand and quenching the efforts of ordinary people.
Instead of working towards national progress, you are caught up in games of personal survival and power play. Setting back ordinary people who have placed their hopes in the leadership of your government that fails to deliver as mandated.
It is our hope as ordinary citizens that the SWAPO party will sweep her house and take up the task of nation building serious. Tate Geingob and your team, your task is a great one, and we can only hope that you’re aware of the privileges accorded to you.
That you’ve been mandated with the trust of the public to govern accordingly and not let the party you now lead, self-destruct and have the entire nation as collateral damage. It is my hope that you (Tate Geingob) do not surround yourself with people who have nothing to say – because the destiny of an entire nation is in your hands.

Basilius Kasera, Dean of Students at IUM
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article is my personal perspective and do not represent those of IUM or its associates.

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