Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Life reflected in ‘Tick-Tock’ the Movie

Anna is a strong, young Namibian woman who finds herself stuck in a toxic relationship.  She is in a struggle of finding herself while always
being at loggerheads with her partner as they try to make the best of their relationship. She is stuck between staying with the father of her child or moving on
to seek a better and more stable future. This is the premise
of the short Namibian film aptly titled ‘Tick-Tock’.

The Lounge had the pleasure of chatting with Glenn-Nora Tjipura who is one of the two-woman team – the second being Ndakalako Shilongo – who collaboratively wrote, directed and produced the short film!  These two dynamic young women may even be the first team of female writers/directors/producers to manage such a feat.

Glenn-Nora tells us how herself and Ndakalako met some years ago while
studying at the NUST and that they had worked on another creative project together. This is where the discussion of the importance of such a film came about,
especially in the current climate where GBV is something that is so widely
reported on that people have even become desensitised to it and its effects on the individual and on society as a large.

The film’s intention thus is to bring more awareness to the scourge of GBV, teaching people through entertainment, hopefully sparking more conversations and interest, thereby reaching people in all corners of the country.

Tick-Tock is a Namibian film with a wholly Namibian cast of 6, the main actors
being Ebba Shambwila and Omar ‘Adonis’ Jossobs who are actors new to the
film scene but who have done an excellent job with these roles they portray.
The film also stars a feisty young girl who is extremely talented and who will
be a delight to witness perform.

The entire film production is naturally a long and challenging process, and
wearing different hats in a single production as these ladies do is a stepping
stone which encourages growth and learning how the film making process
functions when you are behind the cameras rather than in front of it.

The concept of the film originally came about when the writers came across a
story of a Namibian man who took an 8 hour journey driving from region to
another in order to murder his wife.  It started as a full movie and was eventually edited down to a short film when funding was hard to come by for the production.

Funding was eventually secured for the short film from KAS (Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung) and the casting could commence.

Glenn-Nora is particularly aware that the amount of work it that goes into being a producer and director on a body of work, wearing the different hats and balancing the challenges that each presents.  It is a stretch for a creative person to get a grip on the managerial aspect of a film production, however, dealing with the different personalities and she describes that challenge as the ‘best worst days’ of her life, leaving her exhausted daily but always hankering to get back onto set and
face every day with gumption.

The film was shot in Windhoek and predominantly in one location
at a private residence.

Tick-Tock’s first screening was at the American Cultural Centre, Sanlam Building 154 Independence Avenue on the 3rd Floor on the 6th of December 2018 with no entrance fee, to give an opportunity for all Namibians to experience the film first hand.

“This will be a networking experience, a chance will be had to meet and
greet the actors, directors and writers.  All possible sponsors that would be
interested in working on similar projects are invited to join us as well in this
journey of educating our nation through digital media”.

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