Friday 18 June 2021
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How to understand men

First of all, there are men, and then there are those with the biological features only and can only be described as males. I mean those who sit when they pee. If there is something I would never deny is the fact that I love attention. Some guys inbox asking why Im so ombeskof and expose our game.

But you know what, I do this deliberately because I know there will never be a day when everyone opens their eyes the same time. Some will become wise the hard way while others will read this and decide to stop being played. So don’t worry, God created ignorant people and those who will always be there when guys want to play with the blind.

From all this, I draw my inspiration and you guys simply make it easy for me to decide what to write next.

Now since many of you have concluded that I have an agenda against women and have destroyed their hopes of ever finding a Mr Right, today I would like to make things easier for you guys to understand the meaning and order of things.

Cheating is a given. Now take it from me that most men will cheat at some point. There are however a few men who have deactivated their cheating button so good luck finding those. There will always be a more beautiful woman than you. There will always be someone who has a thing or two that you do not have. We notice these tiny things, because we are alive.

This does not mean we are planning to dump you and jump to them. No. Unless you were never the first choice in the first place. And do not ask us if the girl walking by is prettier that you. What if I say yes? Which is normally the truth even if we opt not to tell you that. If she was not the ish, why would I turn my head?

It really sets us up for a challenge when you complain that there are no good guys around while some of us are still single. What abomination is this? It’s either I hit on you not really because I like you, but simply to prove you wrong.

So you could tell what the results will be because you undermined me. Not only will you learn that it is rare finding good guys, but you would also have learned that there are many of us who pretend to be good guys. So do not push us.

By now you should know that most men are single-minded. The only thing some of us can multitask is the multiple relationships, and not even that succeeds. That is why we suck at cheating and you guys continue to catch us borrowing sugar from the neighbour. So do not expect us to be good at everything at the same time. Do not expect us to notice everything when we are on a different subject. If you want me to notice something, help me out by saying something like, ‘I went to the salon today’. Because at times I just am not sure if you put in a weave or it is your own hair, so I do not want to misplace a compliment.

In addition to the above-mentioned subject, because of our lack of the multitasking skill, please understand the fact that our ability to dream is not so good. We do not go window shopping. When we want something, we go and get it that time. Just like when I approached you, it was a mission to get you and not to know you. I have enough friends. So if I do not have something, it means I do not want it.

Sometimes we run out of ideas as to how to really make you happy. It was easy in the beginning because I was on a mission to getting the primary goal; so I had a timeline as to when you will possibly give it up. So we kindly ask you to help us out here. You should also make peace with the fact that our relationship will not be like it was in the first months. It is gone and that is why. And do not cry about this because I take it as pure blackmail.

Men are not mind readers so please learn to be as clear as possible. If I ask you if everything is ok and you say ‘nothing’, I will continue living my life because nothing is wrong as you said. We do not always have time to beg you to tell us your problems.

Our lack of mind-reading ability is not proof of how little we care about you. However, get to the point and say it. And for the record, only come to me with a problem if you want us to chew on it. That is what we do with problems. If you want sympathy, that is why you have friends.

In conclusion, I would like to simply inform you that, just like myself, men will continue to do things that you may not agree with just because they can. Just like you can. MfK will continue being the guy who says what he sees just because he can.

He will continue doing what you do not want to happen to you just because he can. At least I warned you that I am coming and what  I would possibly do to you?

Men are not as complicated as you think. I am not as complicated as you think I am. It is unfortunately just the order of things. Talk to your man for clarity and get to know how to best understand him but I guess he is not going to be as honest as I am.


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