Monday 14 June 2021
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Nikhita’s Namibia’s dancing Queen

Last Saturday afternoon, The Lounge had the chance to attend the children’s show organised by NWDT and wow, were we blown away!

It is important for our youth to have creative outlets and safe spaces that they can attend and express themselves freely and that encourages their holistic growth.

Different genres of dance were on show ranging from hip-hop, to contemporary and to traditional.

The showcase was beautifully and lovingly choreographed and the young participants (some as young as 4!) had obviously worked very hard and were visibly excited.  The production was a celebration of what the dance theatre had achieved in 2018, to bring the year to an end.

The Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre (NWDT) is bridging a gap in the teaching industry in Windhoek, especially their contribution to underprivileged children who live in the Otjomuise area, with the sponsorship of Orange Babies.

Over 20 little boys and girls have seen improvements in their lives from their posture to their school grades and most importantly the gains they made to their self-confidence and esteem, being a true visual representation of ‘every one counts’.

Saturday’s showcase featured strictly Namibian artists as musical accompaniment making it a truly vibrant, proudly Namibian display with music by Lize Ehlers, Sishani, Elemotho  to name but a few.

NWDT has been in operation since February 2018 and has already been able to make their mark in the industry with the ability to place our youth on a launch pad to an illustrious future.

If Saturday is anything to go by, Namibia truly does have talent!

The weeks leading up to the showcase were stressful and Nikhita took solace in words from a friend and mentor who encouraged her to find out ‘where the block’ is and to make whatever necessary changes.

If the result is anything to go by, she took the advice and ran with it, because it turned into a display of talent, with an almost full house with parents and grandparents beaming with pride.

The dance theatre is based on the ideals of culture, diversity, discipline and excellence.

These are well displayed when one watches and understand all the work these little ones put into their performances to make the show a success.

Nikhita’s hope is to be an inspiration to Namibians as a whole, young and old, focussing her classes on how dance is a complete function of the body, how it has health and psychological, physical benefits, how it improves posture and self-esteem even in adults and how fulfilling it is to learn and master a new skill.

Each class has set goals to achieve on a monthly basis and the team of teachers work hard to achieve such goals, especially when it may seem hard to achieve and thus the reward is great!

Nikhita follows her passions unflinchingly and her dreams to fulfil those passions, including being now able to employ and empower other Namibians, particularly female choreographers.

She is setting stages on fire and creating a platform for others to do so.

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