Sunday 20 June 2021
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Luxury in the heart of Windhoek

The constant revolving of doors at the entrance bears testimony to the number of guests visiting the AVANI Windhoek Hotel and Casino, making use of its various state of the art facilities.

From its beautifully carpeted and furnished foyer, its signature and elegant restaurants, the luxuriously equipped conference and boardroom spaces, to the dazzling casino with its wide open door, and now the in-house gym; one is overwhelmed by the magnificent new look and feel of the premises since the completion of the renovations.

Recently AVANI unveiled their new state of the art gym with a Zumba/80’s themed evening, an event described as hugely successful.

This means that the gym is now fully operational and functional for use by guests at the hotel.

The facilities are such that they almost beg you to make use of them, not to mention the many locations in which to take that all important, perfect selfie. The Lounge had the opportunity to spend some time in one of the hotel rooms and to experience the space first-hand.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed and offered a complimentary drink and immediately the tone for the stay was set.

The beautifully crafted lifts are a pleasure to use as you meander around the hotel, transporting guests smoothly and safely from one floor to the other. Upon entering the room one is immediately drawn to the backdrop of the City of Windhoek with its tall buildings and mountain tops framing them, creating a breath-taking picture.

Make sure you order some room service when you visit, the food is magnificent and mouth-watering and leaves you hankering for more!

Whether your stay is for leisure or business, there is plenty to keep you occupied at AVANI and many public spaces where you could work or engage in important business negotiations on that next deal you are working on.

The foyer area is perfect for this with its plush and large chairs and although it is bustling area, one is not overwhelmed by noise.

AVANI’s Pantry restaurant is perfect for a light meal and a drink, it serves a variety of meals during the day and during the weekend the live music really draws in the crowds.

The Pantry attracts the hip and happening people in the city and is popular, probably because of its friendly staff, a great ambiance and an interesting menu to choose from.

It sets the tone perfectly for a great evening out if you are going on a jaunt into town or if you are looking for an enjoyable night out that doesn’t run too late.

The Pantry caters for it all in magnificent fashion and with great ease. With its central location right in the middle of the city centre, it is easily accessible and the ideal spot to meet up at with friends, colleagues or family for that sundowner or to share a casual meal.

AVANI also sports the popular Dunes restaurant with its legendary buffet meals.

It is a fact that you haven’t lived until you had lunch at the renowned Dunes restaurant.

A treasure and a must-try for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The full bathroom in AVANI’s rooms is inviting and seems to call out to you to take that long soak to get rid of the stress of the day or the week and take it easy for a while and relax in its deep comfort.

And if you find sleep eludes you, a visit to the Casino cannot do any harm provided you are older than 18.

The high energy around the various poker, blackjack and roulette tables and the slot machines are sure to keep you entertained and chase the boredom away.

AVANI offers complete entertainment and corporate packages catering for every need.

The people of AVANI make it their goals to ensure that every guest enjoys their stay and leaves you looking forward to the chance to come back again.

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