Thursday 17 June 2021
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Kazapua on poll promise spree

…as he survives plot to oust him

City of Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua who yesterday survived an underground plot to oust him as Mayor of the capital, has called on his fellow Swapo Party councilors to pull up their socks because “next year is elections”.
The mayor was full of promises as he delivered his victory speech, saying the City will prioritise issues such as land, water and electricity provision.
Before mentioning the priority areas, Kazapua highlighted that the year 2019 was a year of elections and as such “the council should work towards satisfying its electorate”.
“The year 2019 is a year of elections so we really need to deliver,” he urged.
Kazapua, who praised the Swapo Party for the backing and smooth victory, set the tone immediately after clinging onto the mayoral chain.
He urged the CoW leadership to put their differences aside and focus on delivering municipal services to the Windhoek residents.
“We may differ as individuals but should remain united on principle issues.
If we do not stand up and hold hands in addressing our mistakes, they will continue to divert our focus on service delivery to our people, and will continue to haunt us gravely,” cautioned Kazapua.
Kazapua said enough damage had already been done to the reputation of the institution and thus the city cannot afford to continue pulling in different directions.
The City has been haunted by infightings for the past eight months in the wake of suspended City Police boss Abraham Kanime and recently the sacking the Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise. The battles have since caused rifts and divided the council. “I therefore call for unity of purpose in the leadership of our City both as councilors and the administrative management,” he said.
Council, Kazapua revealed, plans to give priority to a number of developments such as the allocation of un-serviced plots especially in informal settlements. Kazapua also promised that CoW will installl prepaid water meters, calling on pensioners to take up the call to avoid being in debt.
“We no longer have money to write off debts for the elderly. So the senior citizens must really register for this,” he said.
Kazapua said the city will also prioritise the provision of water and sanitation to underserved areas. Lack of sanitation has taken a toll in the informal settlements of the city with the outbreak of Hepatitis E, ravaging the poor.
Kazapua said the city will also prioritise the construction of affordable housing in informal settlements while other efforts will be directed towards the intensification of investing in renewable energy such as solar and biogas production.
The youthful mayor will serve his fifth consecutive term as Mayor Windhoek after he was re-elected. No other councilor contested.
Loide Kaiyamo was elected uncontested to deputize Kazapua, replacing Teckla Uugwanga who is now part of the five Members of Management Committee.
Moses Shiikwa, Agatha Ashilelo, Matheus Amadhila, Matilde Ukeva were also re-elected uncontested to remain in the Management Committee
The rather well-rehearsed elections went smoothly with no actual voting taking place.
All members were nominated and swiftly accepted their positions.
NUDO city councillor Joseph Kauandenge applauded the work of the council during its last financial term, but called for an amendment in the term of service of the mayoral position.
“A term of one year with so many challenges facing our city does not allow the mayor and deputy mayor to actually effect appropriate changes and lift up the city. Maybe going forward, we must petition the line ministry to bring changes so that the mayor can at least serve for two or three years to be able to bring meaningful contribution,” he said.

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