Friday 18 June 2021
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D-Kandjafa playing his musical cards right

Ten years ago the music industry was dominated by the same circle and new comers were merely backdrops, relevant for the day. Thus they found it hard to join the celebrated names.

Thankfully since then, the music industry has matured in depth giving music lovers options as far as style is concerned.  The locals have taken international accolades outside the country and continue to proof there are beats in Namibia.
There is a new kid on the block doing hardcore kwaito, something the music lovers have missed and he is playing his cards with intelligence.  At a time where artists are releasing albums on steroids to meet the NAMAs deadline, D-Kandjafa’s album ‘Uukalata’ is definitely worth the listen.

From the onset, the artist sets the pace with Skoro Koko, a song where the artist clearly flexes his lyrical prowess. Something that makes this talented lad stand out is the content in his lyrics, something the music industry has longed until the likes of Young T, KP Illest and other newcomers came and cemented their names in the industry.

Track 3 is another hardcore kwaito hit ‘Show Best’, with D-Kandjafa spitting rhymes against laziness.

His switching from Oshiwambo to Afrikaans while still keeping the tempo introduces the listener to the artist’s knowledge of the ‘kasi’, the struggles of the people but he reminds people that we should still work hard.

‘Happy tune’, Track 4, has made the rounds in the juke boxes even before the artist dropped his album. The song is perfect for dancing and creates a good vibe. This is a favourite among many.

On Track 8, the artist brings on M-Jay with ‘Burgers’. The track sings to the listener to stop begging, urging people to work for their own money.

On ‘Galikana’, Track 11. D-Kandjafa speaks out about the life of a boy who refuses to return home. The song is perfect for a society today which has ignored their roots and consequently do not visit home.
Exit levels up with D Kandjafa on ‘Mad Vibes’, Track 13. Both kwaito loyalists are known for their well-placed narrative of the ’kasi’ in the art of music.

The two are a perfect combination on this track with a flow on par with what they do best.

The 19-track album has already started making vibes in juke boxes and taxis, so this is definitely a good addition to the music industry.Should D-Kandjafa continue this strong, he will definitely be a force to reckon with.
Rating: 4/5

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