Saturday 17 April 2021
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Online Dating – YAY or NAY

Technology has been evolving over the years and this evolvement has fueled the development and introduction  of  numerous social media platforms on which people interact with each other all over the world.

According to the Cambridge dictionary online dating- is a way of starting a romantic relationship on the internet, by giving information about yourself or  receiving information about someone else.Profileration of fake information on the internet has caused many people to lose their valuables through cyber scammers.

Dating web sites such as Tinder and  Grinder  have over  thousand users all over the world ,online dating includes the sharing of explicit images and at times confidential information.

Namibian youth are no exception when it comes to online dating as majority of the youth follow trends on social media, however with thorough discussions  with students from the University of Namibia on their take on the issue of online dating students responded with different perspectives.

Martha a final year student at the University of Namibia  stated that” online dating lacks genuine relationship quality compared to knowing and having seen someone physically”.

With the increase rates of human traficking all over the world  people are deterred from meeting their spouses  through online  dating as there has been cases of people who got missing after they told their aquantances that they were going to meet people they had met online.
It takes physical interaction  to know an individual’s true character as it is hard to tell whether a person is being fake or honest through online dating”. However there are  students who have a positive take on the concept of online dating .

Jeremiah a third year student at the University of Science and Technology said that he have met his long  time partner Emily through online dating and she has been honest as from the beginning, his experience with  online dating is different from the rest of the students whom were interviewed on their take on online dating and were in disagreement of using any online dating site.

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