Monday 12 April 2021
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‘Gravel Field bad for modern football’- Blue Waters

Windhoek- Blue Waters Sports Club Coach, Cliff Ntsoereng was angered by the Namibia Premier League (NPL) management’s decision for allowing league matches to be played in a dusty gravel field, saying that Karasburg stadium doesn’t qualify to host modern football games.
Ntsoereng said that it is difficult to play on the gravel field in modern professional football which is dusty and uncomfortable for the players who have adapted to the grass and artificial turf fields.
“To be honest with you, it was so difficult to play on that field. In the new style of football were coaches want to play passing football and build the play from the back, it was impossible for a team to play such kind of football”, he stressed.
He added that most of the clubs that will travel to Karasburg will struggle to play in the gravel field, adding that he requested Tovey for the pitch to be watered before the game starts, but it was refused.
“The ground is bad; it’s dusty. When the game started, we kept on kicking the ball forward hoping that something positive will happen, but it was so tough for the players to cope with this conditions”, Ntsoereng bemoaned. He further stated that on Friday, he asked if they can use the field to train, but this too was turned down by the Young Brazilians management.
When asked about the team’s travelling experience to Karasburg, Ntsoereng told The Patriot Sport, that travelling was not an issue, adding that everything went according to the way they planned it and players arrived in Karasburg ready to play competitive football.
He added, though that travelling for around 1200 kilometres was also a bit challenge, but it did not affect his team.
Ntsoereng warned teams travelling to Karasburg that they have will not have an easy time.
“Teams that will travel to Karasburg will need to be mentally fit and tactically disciplined.
The field is very bad”, he warned.

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