Saturday 17 April 2021
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Broadcasting sport is costly- SuperSport

Much to the dismay of Namibian DSTV subscribers who always lament that Namibia is not well featured when it comes airing Namibian sports codes on SuperSport, the broadcasting giant’s Chief Executive Officer Gideon Khobane last week during a visit to Namibia blamed the situation on exorbitant production costs.
The Patriot understands Namibia has the second highest DSTV subscription rate per capita on the continent.
He said sport events are very costly to produce because it requires broadcasters to purchase broadcasting rights, pay the production teams and other related costs. Khobane stated this during the media discussion in Windhoek last week.
He further pointed out that boxing is the most costly discipline to produce compared to the production of football, rugby and cricket events which happen on a weekly or monthly basis.
He added that the boxing games take place after six to seven months, saying that it is not easy for the boxing matches to attract viewership as it doesn’t happen on a weekly or monthly basis. What makes it even more difficult is when the promoters have to search for the sponsors in order to sanction the matches, pay for the travels, venue, broadcasting facilities and pay the boxers.
Furthermore, if they want the match to be broadcast, it is even a higher additional burden in terms of production, he added.
“SuperSport as a commercial broadcaster entity, sometimes we have to look at the availability of advertisements in order to reduce or split the cost.
Furthermore, we also have to consider whether the event will attract the viewership or not”, Khobane said.
When asked why SuperSport sometimes does not broadcast a football and boxing matches of a big pedigree, Khobane said that sometimes when games are being televised through Pay-Per-View (PPV), it makes it hard for subscribers to get those games due to the fact that it is difficult for the people who do not have internet and money to view purchase the games which are televised on a PPV.
Regarding the AFCON qualifying matches, Khobane stated that SuperSport does not decide which matches to broadcast, but the Confederation of African Football (CAF) decide who produces the matches.
The complication with CAF is that they own all the rights for the qualifiers and they only authorise matches to be broadcast by the resident broadcaster.
This makes it difficult for SuperSport to televise those matches because they have to buy the signals from the authorised broadcasters. Khobane said that for the past few years, they weren’t approached by anyone from anywhere on the continent applying for the presenters and commentators’ jobs.
He urged young people who have passion for presenting and commentating on SuperSport to consult them through MultiChoice Namibia.
The CEO also urges those people who had produced local sport events to submit them to SuperSport for broadcasting.
He promised that SuperSport will continue to broadcast Live Premier League matches to their DSTV sport channels.
“All Christmas holidays (Boxing Day) premier league matches will be broadcast on our sport channels”, he stated.
According to the NBC Sport Executive Producer, Sacky Shikufa, the national broadcaster is not allowed to sell the signal of any CAF related matches to SuperSport, hence they are only authorised to sell it to CAF and if SuperSport want to broadcast such a match, then  they have to buy signals from CAF.
Shikufa added that producing a match of a SuperSport’s standard is very costly and they have to pay the minimum of 200 000 euros (N$ 3.2 million) which is very costly to NBC.
MultiChoice Namibia, General Manager, Roger Gertze promised DSTV customers great services in terms of payments and encouraged customers to continue supporting the brand.
Gertze added that MultiChoice Namibia has recently introduced Multichoice Talent Factory to give young African movie producers a platform to learn new skills in terms of editing, scriptwriting, photographing and inspire them to produce more local contents which they want to broadcast on their movie and documentary channels.
He also mentioned that there are 13 Namibian players who trade their football in the Absa Premiership and it is an honour for MultiChoice Namibia to show these league games where Namibia professional footballers are taking part.

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