Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Rukoro fails to settle NUDO impasse

Attempts by Ovaherero Paramount Chief Vekuii Rukoro to solve the impasse that has left the two factions in NUDO deadlocked over who should lead the party and to resolve the party’s long-running political crisis, has failed to reach a breakthrough.
The Patriot has it on good authority that Rukoro convened a meeting in September with the two factions in a bid to find a lasting solution to the squabble. Rukuro, according to a party insider, proposed that the top eight positions be filled equally by four members from each faction.
But after the meeting the talks were in “deep blockage” following more than five hours of talks, and Rukoro had little power to strike a truce between the two factions.
Rukoro, said a party source who was part of the meeting declared at the meeting that: “Although he is a Swapo member, he felt he needed to step in and help find a solution because the Ovaherero people which he leads are the majority in the party and he does not like his subjects fighting.”
The insider said Rukoro proposed that Utjiua Muinjangue should be party president and deputised by Vetaruhe Kandorozu. He further suggested that Vitura Kavari be appointed as the party’s national chairperson, to be deputised by Elia Kandjii.
Theofelus Uahongora was tipped by the chief to serve as secretary general, deputised by Joseph Kauandenge while Peter Kazongominja was proposed to become the treasurer-general, to be deputised by Vehonga Kaijere.
All eight aspirants were in the meeting that was described as “tense” by insiders. Unlike Muinjangue’s slate which welcomed the proposal, Kandorozu’s slate allegedly rejected Rukoro’s proposal.

The party’s political problems seems to be intensifying at a time when it should be focused on next year’s national polls.
The Muinjangue faction has initially put forward Aminius Constituency councillor Kazongominja as its vice president candidate and City of Windhoek councillor Joseph Kauandenge for the position of secretary general (SG).
The Kandorozu faction has identified current party secretary SG Meundju Jahanika as the ideal candidate to continue running the administration affairs of the party.
The party was left with no leadership after the disputed May 2018 elective congress which failed to produce a workable leadership.

Following a chaotic and violent elective congress, ‘Team VK 100%’ and ‘Team NUDO’ failed to agree on the legitimacy of Muinjangue’s purported victory. This led to Kandorozu filing an urgent court application in June against ‘Team NUDO” led by Muinjangue.
Team VK 100% wants the court to declare the election process null and void. Although Mbai nullified the congress outcome citing confusion, disagreements and unresolved issues between the factions, Muinjangue declared herself the new party president which left the party with two leadership structures. Division between the two factions continues to appear beyond repair.

Muinjangue currently holds no leadership position in the party, a possible blockage for her presidency bid.
With the NUDO constitution stating that any member who wishes to contest for a position should have been a good standing member for five years, Kauandenge could also lose out.
He was suspended from NUDO in September 2014. Jahanika in the past said he would like to continue as NUDO SG for the next five years in order to fully implement his unfished programmes.

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