Saturday 17 April 2021
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Namibia needs a government for all

Like the headline says, Namibia needs a government for all and not only for some.
When Swapo leaders go around boasting about the Swapo government and how Swapo members will be placed first in the line, one cannot help but get worried.
Firstly, let us make one thing clear, there is no thing such as a Swapo government, only a Swapo-led government. I say this because even if Swapo loses power one day, the might of the government will remain.
It is important for politicians to know that there is a clear line of distinction between the State and the Party. The moment that line is blurred we are in for a torrid time that could sink the entire nation.
Working for the State or benefiting in any way from it is no entitlement, because every Namibian regardless of their political affiliation is entitled to be taken care of by the State.
After all, when the Swapo-led government collects taxes it does not separate where the funds come from, it is all collected in one basket.
The same non-partisan way in which we treat the State revenue is the same manner in which we ought to treat how money is spent.
Political affiliation should never be a license to avail resources at the expense of others, simply because the Supreme Law of this land provides for Namibians to affiliate with whichever political organization they are comfortable with.  This week the High Court heard how former Hardap Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa ordered officials to remove names of individuals from the Mass Housing list due to their political affiliation.
There is also an abundance of media reports on how government to continues to give preferential treatment to the Swapo-linked Struggle Kids at the expense of other Namibian youth.
Last month one of the struggle kids was employed as a Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. Mind you, the position was not advertised as per requirements of the Public Service Commission.
This cannot be left unchallenged, simply because the people who sacrificed their lives to liberate this country did so in order to create an equal society in which all people are treated as one. Some of those who fought for this country are still in government but it seems they forgot what they fought for.
Every year thousands of youth graduate from tertiary institutions, having gone to school to be able to compete for jobs in the job market. Many of them are funded by the government, yet this very same government comes out and plays the selective card when it comes to recruitment.
Why then would you pay for someone’s studies if you know you will eventually sideline them.
After all, if the Swapo-led government employs a non-Swapo member to work in government and that person excels, the credit will go to the ruling party.
I know African politicians are paranoid and they fear that if they have non-party members in the system, the system might be sabotaged. Such a mentality should be set aside because there are avenues to monitor performance.
Partisan governance is not the right way of doing things and the sooner the leadership wakes up to serve the entire nation, it will mean that no one will feel left out.
Those who are born far from the corridors of power and without the right political affiliations will continue to be left outside in a democratic Namibia. It is high time the Swapo Party School teaches party members about the importance of separating the State from the Party. It is for your own good.
Lastly, Namibians linked to Swapo are not more special than those who are not, after all why does the Swapo-led government preach ‘One Namibia One Nation’ yet it practices ‘One Swapo Two Nations?

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