Friday 16 April 2021
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‘Ministry need to allocate more money to sports’-Naimwaka

The President of Athletics Namibia (AN), Erwin Naimwaka asked for the sport ministry to allocate sufficient funds to the sports development and upgrading of the facilities so that the athletes can attain good results when competing on the global stage.
Speaking to The Patriot Sport, Naimwaka said that for the Namibian athletes to flourish on the national level, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture need to invest in sports development by allocating sufficient funds which will aid in the upgrading of facility, support the athletes financially and to prepare them for world competitions. “We won’t be able to perform well at the global stage, if we don’t invest in our sports. First of all, we need resources to develop our athletes and prepare them for the global standard”, he stated.
Naimwaka added that the current economic crisis won’t help to change the situation, however “more money should be allocated to sports for the betterment of the athletes.
This is key if we want to emulate and compete with the likes of our Kenyan and Ethiopian counterparts who without any doubt are dominating the games on the top level”. He further made a comparison by saying that those countries are heavily investing in their sports development and they take care of their athletes.
Apart from the monetary constraint, Naimwaka also alluded that there are other factors that hinder the progress of athletics in Namibia such as the organisational structure, resources, personnel and lack of facilities which athletes can use to train and prepare themselves for their games.
Naimwaka said that there is a need for sport facilities which are up to standard so that the athletes will get use to the kind of facility which is used on the international level. He urges the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) to pay attention to the structure of this organisation, saying that new ways of working are essential if they wish to achieve good outcomes globally. In terms of personnel, he said that organisations which deal with athletes in the country need to have people who work on a full-time basis and who will focus exclusively on the development of the sports, instead of having people who are volunteering who do not have enough time to make prospering vicissitudes and investments.
“As we speak, Athletics Namibia is run by volunteers and this organisation needs staff who will focus on this job for 24 hours. I have a job which requires my full attention and it is a must that I should do my work properly. Otherwise, I will be fired”, he said.
Naimwaka further expressed that Namibian athletes have potential and that “he sees light at the end of the tunnel”, saying that it will only be achieved if enough investments are made to improve the current condition. “Our athletes have vast potential, however the ministry should allocate more funds to achieve and improve the standard of these beautiful games for the youth”, he enthused.
“The organisation sometimes struggles to get money for transport and it is impossible to compensate athletes, if you do not have the means”, Naimwaka stated.
Naimwaka added that money is a common denominator that sports need to produce good results, saying that the athletes are still doing an amazing job to make sure the Namibian flag fly on the world stage, comparing them to some other African countries. However, the Athletics Namibia President urges for more money to be pumped into sports, saying that the investment will assist the organisation to organise competitive games in all corners of this beautiful country.
Naimwaka said that sport has the capacity to change the lives of many young Namibians; therefore, the government should provide the ministry with adequate resources if they want to alleviate the abject poverty which has affected so many people in this country.
Furthermore, sports will also help to eradicate youth unemployment. Naimwaka identified sports as the only solution to that problem.
Naimwaka also encourages the Sport Commission to re-evaluate the organisation’s structure and programmes, adding they need to identify where changes and alterations are required.

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