Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Kitchen Chronicles

My biggest pet peeve in life is being ignored.  Like, I am a person who always tries to respond to everybody in 0.025 seconds because I don’t want people that I care about (or that are paying me) to think that I don’t care about their communications, you know? Not to mention family and friends.

So when you don’t respond to me I automatically think that a) you are an …. b) I am not important to you or c) you could not care less about how I think or feel about you and that in fact you’d prefer if I didn’t bother you again.

Yes I’m a girl (I use the word lightly), yes I’m sensitive, yes I like attention and validation (from the right people) and yes I would particularly like it from you.  I guess most importantly, yes, I am writing this entire article about this while I am making this meal of lamb shanks with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables – potatoes are very important, hence the special mention – thinking about how much of an inconsiderate person some people can be.

If you’re reading this and you think this article is about you, you’re probably right.  Like how much of your time does it really take to respond to a call you might have missed or a text that was sent to you during the day?

Would it take anything off of you to send an answering message saying that you’re busy right now and then get back to me, even if it is at 22:00 or even 01:00?

I used know this person who put great emphasis on electronic communication, he had an acronym for it, EE – Email Ethics.  If you receive an email or message respond to it within an hour (yes, this is possible because most of us have even our email on our phones these days).

If you truly cannot respond within an hour, don’t go to sleep that night without responding to every message you had received that day.

Don’t let things people say or ask or require of you roll over to the next day. Now granted, for some of us this is easier than for others.

Most of us don’t have more than 5 or 6 people vying for our attention on a daily basis (and in this economic climate half of those are probably debt collectors} and it is easy to respond to most of them within 24 hours, heck 24 hours is even long.  But (and I know it is grammatically wrong to begin a sentence with this word) the few people who do have such an influx of messages that it takes a considerable amount of time to respond to them, you should do so (and if you really, really can’t then you might consider hiring a PA who handles your personal phone while you handle your own personal, personal phone).

Often it is the very people whom we consider ‘little’ or non threatening or ‘unimportant’ who make us who we are. So I say, answer your phone, send an apology text, relate to people.

Tomorrow we might not be around anymore and we would like people to genuinely speak about who we were and how we genuinely made a difference to their lives without colouring their true perceptions of us with untruths.

As Namibians we are this chilled nation, like water could roll off our backs like ducks.

But just die, I dare you, and you will see how suddenly all your unforgivable little habits come to the fore – all because we don’t want your friends and family to perpetuate this myth that you were some kind of saint.

Eh, my lamb is over-cooked.
Till next time.

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