Friday 18 June 2021
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Kitchen chronicles

Venture with me as I undertake this journey through my kitchen escapades.  Allow me to entertain, amuse and maybe even encourage you.  Many will be surprised that I have undertaken this mammoth task of writing these particular chronicles but let me tell you, I have stories to tell.

I’ve seen things that could make a grown man cry, has in fact, and I’ve experienced a lot of the ups and downs that life has to bring.  I find solace in many things and one of them happens to be the kitchen – my (mostly) happy place.

The other night for example I tried to make a liver pate’ (actually it kinda turned into a pate’ by mistake due to a series of unfortunate events) but as they say the proof is in the pudding and if the responses I got is anything to go by, I can safely say I am a veritable genius in the kitchen.

Not that I am patting my own back or anything like that. So I shall write from this place, from the heat and comfort of the aromas floating around me and perhaps the odd tear drop in the stew as I tell a few tales and regale and build a rapport because boy, we are about to go on an adventure together!

For the record, my guinea pigs are the smallest and cutest and most complimentary little people and they are convinced that I am the best thing to step into the kitchen (not to mention their lives).

Over the next while there will be multiple references to them and I hope that when they become not-so-little people they don’t take legal steps against me for using their words without their formal consent.

They are after all flesh of my flesh, surely I could find a sympathetic judge that would understand a mother’s need to exploit the cuteness of her offspring occasionally.  In fact I am sure I will find one.

I will simply smile prettily and shed a little tear and tell them that I was ‘overwhelmed’ by the absolute euphoria there is in those smallies, not to mention that the world would otherwise be deprived of the wonder that is them.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

I digress.  As I was saying, we are going to be good friends you and I.  I will write you from this kitchen and I will regale you with stories that will be thought provoking and perhaps tear jerking and funny but always truthful, well, mostly.

A little fiction never hurt anyone.  And if anything ever burns or over cooks while I regale you with one or the other story, well I will know who to blame.

Here’s to a memorable journey, may we laugh and learn and perhaps I can even encourage some to find sanctity on their own kitchen and relive life’s precious moments and gifts and treasures, because truly, we should savour every moment.

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