Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Jazz’ing at Independence

Namibians came out in number to jazz the night away under the great Namibian sky.  A stadium pitch decked with camping chairs and blankets, revellers danced to their hearts content to the sounds of Elemotho, Lize Ehlers, The Soil and the award winning Zonke Dikana.

Elemotho came out with guns blazing as he challenged our system where spiritual poverty seems to be the order of the day stating ”the system is a joke”. Joined by 10 acapella singers from Swakopmund, Elemotho gave a chilling performance backed up by Pauline on flute and Simon on vocals and guitar.

Lize Ehlers provided what can be best described as an interesting performance.  Blessed with a melodic voice, Lize wore an ensemble and threatened playfully to reveal her mysterious curves. Flicking back her skirt, she treated the audience to her range of vocal skills as she swerved from a light jazz piece to a more pop like performance with a song called “Jy lieg” meaning you lie.

Beyond a doubt, The Soil was the highlight of the night. Able to keep the audience on their feet simply by delivering top notch harmonies in a radiant fashion, this acoustic group had a welcome unlike any other group during the course of the evening.  The crowd remained awed and visibly moved by singing along to their every song.

While these were the highlights, Zonke’s appearance was a bit like a little too late.

The organisers seem to have lost complete track of time and so much time was wasted by stage changes which the presenters sadly didn’t bothered to explain.

In summary we recommend that attention should be paid to the quality of sound.  This was a disappointment this year by any standard and artists were visibly annoyed by it. Camera shots were at times poorly managed.

While we have experienced a few glitches, overall we had a great time and so we promise to be back next year.

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