Saturday 17 April 2021
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When the devil can’t get to you he sends you a man!

Lmao, the first time I saw this I literally laughed at the fact at how true the statement was. It’s almost as if when everything is going great in your life the devil will by all means try and disturb your peace and that will include him sending you a demonic man who will push you of the rails.

This man at first would seem heaven sent but then just when you find yourself deep in your feelings about how much of a catch he is, he starts showing his true colours.

So if you want to know exactly if whether the men that approach you are sent from the devil here is a little summary of how they appear in most cases.

It will start of smooth as it normally would, he’ll inbox you something flirty like ‘Hey stranger are you sleeping’ at 3am. I mean this is when they tend to work the best and the hardest so why not. And because you are so oblivious to it you won’t even notice the wrong in why any normal person who means well would text you at 3am trying to figure out if you are asleep. Like isn’t it obvious that you would be.

Anyway this doesn’t even face them. You two then start talking and mid conversation he asks you for your number. You send it and you start talking some more for a few days.

Randomly the question of whether you are in a relationship will pop up and he’ll tell you that he is single but he is not looking for a relationship at the moment but would like to continue talking to you because you seem interesting.

Now this is when the mind games start, you now start thinking that because he is not in a relationship, you can change that about him because he told you that he wanted to continue talking to you it must mean something more right? Lmao but truth is it doesn’t, to him that is.

And because females tend to be so naïve, you’ll probably opt to continue conversing with him. Fast forward you guys get it going and when you bring up the ‘So what are we question’ he looks at you and tells you that prior to you two getting closer he had already told you that he was not looking for a relationship.

Long story short, you get your heartbroken and next thing you know a week later he is in a relationship. You question why God is putting you through so much chest pains, overlooking the fact that the devil is the reason behind the disappointment and hurt.

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