Thursday 17 June 2021
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Millennial job hopping: It’s not personal, it is personal.

I am almost 100% sure that you have experienced an unpleasant moment with an “elder” complaining about the millennials’ inability to remain loyal to a job.

This phenomenon is called “job hopping” and it’s a common practice amongst millennials of recent.

Many may say that it’s terrible for your track record and many may say that job hopping is not very conducive for your professional “trust record”.

But I have a few words about this.

I remember in primary school, I believe it was either the 7th or 6th grade, an Afrikaans teacher explained to the class why she was a teacher, and man it stuck with me.

She explained that back in the day, during the apartheid era, job options were not so vast for the generation of that time.

Women had the option of either studying to be a teacher or a nurse. Obviously it was nursing that was the lesser option for her because, well, she was my Afrikaans teacher.

And with that said I promised myself I would never be bound to a criteria or agenda, and that I would venture into everything that I was allowed and, occasionally, those that I wasn’t allowed to venture into as well.
See what I’ve noticed about the Millennials, and many Baby Boomers as well, is that we are not afraid of change. Our current professional economy is vast and progressive that we have so many opportunities and business ventures that we can delve into.

For years doctors have stayed doctors and mechanics have stayed mechanics, but if you ask around now, you’ll hear of a graphic designer pilot that tutors accounting in their spare time, or a lawyer that does art directing and journalism.

We have to ask ourselves: does job hunting really hurt the individual that is job hunting, does hiring a person that hasn’t kept a job for more than a year really endanger the establishment as much as it might help it grow?

Imagine hiring an IT technician that knows about marketing; in the long run the company would save so much more by working with the multiskilled professional. I personally believe freelancers are the future of our economy and stats agree with me.

It’s about taking that huge step of finding the suitable job for YOU, where YOU will champion. We are a generation that is thirsty for learnings and growth; and we’re hungry for milestones. It is a challenge for companies now to improve work culture in order to keep and mould best talents – coaching and huddles help. Doing away with traditional methods as well as taking and putting into action original ideas keeps them.

I know employers think it’s a fickle trait to constantly be moving jobs, but there should be an understanding that commitment and loyalty are a two-way street.  As much as an employer expects for world class effort and impact from their employees, they should keep in mind that their employees need a reciprocation in protection and security. Not to mention the comfort of a humane environment.

In a Namibian context, money really talks. For financial security, a lot of people will be forced by circumstances to jump towards a higher pay.

But there is a very serious group of professionals that are not just jumping at the opportunity for a higher pay, but are consciously jumping into spaces of professional growth and career improvement instead!

As much as working for corporate is a beautiful experience and vital for professional growth, but when you die, your position will be filled within days and that’s how the business world works, so in the same light we should know that it’s never personal, but it is personal!

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