Sunday 18 April 2021
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Church in Session

n an effort to bring forth the importance of individualism in God, Gospel Rap duo Franklin and Dee’A are said to be in the preparation process of their upcoming album titled ‘Church in Session’ debuting on 23 November at KOI church.

‘Church in Session’ is described as an album that is centred on the transition from what churches perceive and expect people to be in relation to who God has called them to be as individuals.

In an interview with The Lounge earlier this week, Franklin noted that the album comprises of the full message of Christ, the hope of salvation while at the same time articulating the importance of who you are in God.

“It’s really taking a punch at this movement of imitating so called men of God as opposed to Christ. Church is wherever we find ourselves because we are the walking ‘ecclesia’”.

Having initially started off as just a mere idea and then brought to life by the duo as well creative director Andreas Elifas, the 10 track album is one to watch out for as it brings forth a different experience when it comes to Christian rap music.

Inspired and derived from Leonardo da Vinci’s work specifically from the Last Supper artwork, the album has a few bumpy impactful tracks titled ‘I’m Blessed and The Word’,  that can already be found on YouTube.

Other tracks on the album also include ‘Hit you with the word’ a song featuring a live band and award-winning American gospel rapper, DA Truth. This track is said to have been inspired  by, Romans 10:17 – “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Franklin expressed that the duo, wanted to highlight the main purpose and call for all believers as people usually do not know unless they are told.

Another song that can be found on the album is ‘Repetitive’ which is described as somewhat of a personal struggle song. “It reiterates the fact that we do not escape the challenges of being a human just because we are believers and sometimes, we go through the same dark place over and over again, yet God in His infinite grace still loves us.

So, we lift our eyes to Him, not because we are better people but purely because of His grace. It’s also to say, hey, stop putting up an act and be honest about your struggles”.

Also aiming to warn the greater public at large against false prophets and the mushrooming of institutions that use God’s name for self-gain, the album also has a song titled ‘Truth’ which speak to these issues.

He noted that the album is one that reflects them as young people, in the sense that over the years they have pushed beyond the safety net of the church by making music appealing not only to themselves but to the younger generation as well.

“Whether in or out of church, we create current sound without compromising the essence of the Gospel. We had a Victory Fest show earlier this year with an attendance of over 400 people. These are people who have seen us perform with a live band before and I think that alone is very outstanding.

We do Rap, but we never do back tracks, we bring the full band for people to experience the fullness of music, live”. Franklin further explained that their music is music that the pair he really wishes they could take credit for, but stated that it is always ministry before the music.

“Everything is surrendered to God first and however many people it reaches or how they react to it, it’s up to Him. We don’t count the effectiveness of the music by the masses. We measure it on the basis of the one it impacts. I will be honest, this music has opened up doors to talks beyond just music itself.

For the few that it has touched, it is highly appreciated and they make it a point to communicate it to us.

But as general perspective, I have seen that this music has started to pierce through even the mainstream now, it’s being recognized specifically in the areas of Gospel rap” he concluded.

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