Saturday 15 May 2021
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Under siege NCCI boss fights back

… more branches continue onslaught

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Otjiwarongo Branch is the latest branch to come out guns blazing and openly blasting the chamber’s leadership for the manner in which the affairs of the institution is being run.
The branch’s Chairperson Eddy Kgobetsi has now been challenged by NCCI CEO Charity Mwiya to provide proof in regard to certain allegations raised against the leadership.
In a letter dated 16 August 2018, Kgobetsi requested the chamber for a meeting to afford the branch an opportunity to clarify issues such as to who funds the foreign business trips of NCCI CEO, because the branches were not getting any feedback on the said trips.
He also requested that the Chamber pinpoints those who are responsible for the selection process of delegates who are sent to attend foreign funded trips as well as to provide clarity on the status of centralising operations of the branches as instructed earlier in the year.
Questioning whether the headquarters consisted of the necessary resource capacity to do so, Kgobetsi indicated that there were no consultations with the branches to discuss modalities before it was pushed through to National Council for approval.
Kgobetsi noted that the branch also has a concern with the delay of issuing of membership certificates and asked whether such a process can be streamlined in 48 hours at branch level to avoid corporate payments being affected.
He further highlighted that the Chamber does not support smaller branches to operate considering that regional corporates pay their membership feed to head office without the small branches getting their portion as agreed and preached over the years.
In her response to the concerns, Mwiya stressed that the letter dated 16 August which Kgobetsi wrote was only dispatched two months later on 12 October and questioned Kgobetsi as to why there was such a long lapse in dispatching the communication, if it indeed is aimed at addressing matters of concern as implied.
Mwiya expressed concern on the procrastination from the branch level as she claims this is what undermines the operational efficiency of the organisation and tarnishes the image of the Chamber.
Having taken note of the issues raised in the letter, Mwiya highlighted that the issuance of NCCI Membership Certificates is a false allegation as the difficulty arises from incomplete membership returns from the branch including membership details, payments and confirmations among other things.
“It is of grave concern that the branch chairperson who routinely attends meetings and has been a National Corporate representative seem not to be [versant] of the chamber’s administration and operational matter and procedures” said Mwiya.
With regards to the allegation of the lack of support from NCCI Head office, Mwiya also questioned why this was a concern for the first time since Kgobetsi assumed leadership of NCCI Otjiwarongo branch six years ago.

She further requested that Kgobetsi be specific on the trips referred to, as only thereafter will the Chamber respond.
Mwiya also requested that the branch provide her with clarity on a number of issues, such as the concern as to why there was a failure to place the NCCI Branch communication on the Chamber’s letterhead.
“Since 2008 to 2015, the branch attended NCCI AGMs and Council meetings as a representative of a National Corporate member whereby the Chamber routinely reported to the NCCI Otjiwarongo branch members after having attended such meetings. Many issues raised now, would have then been adequately addressed.
With concern it is pointed out that under your chairmanship, NCCI Otjiwarongo has consistently and persistently failed to execute the obligation,” remarked Mwiya stingingly.
Mwiya explained that during a visit to the branch by NCCI Secretariat, complaints of failure to report on the branch finances, programmes and projects were commonplace even though the concerns have been shared with the branch numerous times during the past.
Mwiya further instructed the branch to first and foremost provide a paid up membership list of the branch for over the years 2012 to 2018 respectively, and only then will a meeting for members and the broader business community be considered.
“Information should be indicted such as membership categories, subscription amount paid, name of business, name of representative, physical and postal address, email address, telephone and cell phone numbers. Additionally copies of NCCI Otjiwarongo branch, bank statements by month for years 2012 to 2917 and for the current year, January to February” she noted.
Mwiya also requested the branch to provide copies of NCCI Otjiwarongo AGM minutes for years 2012 to 2017 with copies of attendance lists.
“Provide a copy of employment contract that NCCI Otjiwarongo branch has entered into with its branch administration; as with the previous administration. As you know an employment contract is a requirement in terms of labour law.

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