Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Leadership needed at crisis-ridden NAC

While we are close to admitting that the country’s political wheel has not been rolling the nation to greener pastures, transformative leadership remains a beckoning call.
Oh how we need leadership ! A leadership team who is intentional about taking Namibia forward.
The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) has demonstrated a leadership model in shambles for the past few years. More than once, the NAC has been caught pants down with its annoying habit of always doing things at the stroke of a deadline, notwithstanding the fact that they have had ample time to clean-up their act.
The Hosea Kutako International Airport was downgraded by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in 2014, a move that resulted in the cancellation of several flights using bigger planes landing at the airport.
Details around the downgrade include a truck fire crisis which the NAC had to put to bed at a cost of N$89 million used for fire and rescue operations at all NAC-managed airports countrywide.
Character is described as “who one is when no one is watching” and sadly the leadership culture has a lot to say about their corporate culture at the Airports Company.
In March this year, Airports Council International (ACI) in collaboration with Airports Excellence (APEX) completed its first ever Safety audit programme at HKIA.
This audit was a follow up to the Safety Management audit that took place from the 11 -15 December 2017.
The strategic nature of ICAO audits cannot be overemphasized. These audits to a large extent attract new passengers, new airlines and in the end, it aids with tourism which is a significant generator of income for a country.
Beyond a doubt, Namibia is in desperate for sustainable flows of income and airports have it role in that regard.
Tourism is set to contribute 3% to GDP growth in Namibia during 2018 and the airport is a key feature in securing that. And that is the focus the NAC should have as it takes a nap on the job.  Your entity has national and strategic relevance and importance.  You cannot fail because when you do, all of us fail.
With your vision emblazoned boldly, you are obligated to deliver a world class airport company and the disconnect between statutory functions, boardroom fights, tender irregularities contradict your vision and Namibians wonder whether you are as committed as you ought to be.
Kenako – its time is a Setswana saying for ‘its time’.
Its time for the Namibia Airports to find have its clipped wings restored and to rise to greater heights and to tell a story of Namibian excellence and success.
The culture of being relaxed about standards and where no one is held accountable must be behind us as we refuse to be held back by own agendas.

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