Sunday 16 May 2021
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Church caught in miracle ‘lie’

A local church has been caught red-handed claiming to have miraculously cured a young girl whose tongue was deformed, only for the truth to emerge that she in actual fact underwent an operation.
This, and many more dubious acts, is just one of the many tactics used by modern-day churches to lure desperate people.
In a Facebook post, the Deeper Christian Life Ministry claimed to have prayed for a miracle that healed a young girl whose family had years of heartache because of their daughter’s protruding tongue. Contrastingly, members of the public pointed out that the young girl by the name of Emilia had gone for an operation last year for the same issue, thus the church was being untruthful about its miracle.
The post, which reads: “This child was delivered and healed at the last weekend Crusade, after the prayer of Pastor Kumuyi the tongue went back and became normal. Praise the Lord, God is our healer and deliverer. There is nothing impossible with God. He is a faithful God. Praise His Name” was the instigating factor with the public saying the church should not claim for miracles because the girl had undergone an operation and she was recovering.
The church pastor Paulus Shilongo still claims that the child was healed as a result of a miracle during a crusade two weeks ago, said it was the work of God.
In 2016, the media reported about a mother of a child with a protruding tongue who felt the hospital has been slow in treating her daughter as the family wants the child to recover from her condition.
Emiliana Shisaande, a resident of Mix settlement at the time said nurses at Katutura  Hospital have been telling her to wait before her child’s condition could be looked into. Although Shisaande says she does not know what her child’s condition is, medical documents say she had lymphangioma – which has spread to her tongue.
It was then when Samaritans gather resources to intervene in assisting Emilia with medical assistance, which subsequently took her to South Africa where she had an operation. The Facebook post received scrutiny from Ruth Herunga and Stephany De Klerk, Secretary General of the Namibian Women Lawyers Association. These ladies have been supporting of the young girl’s and dint take it kindly upon hearing that the church was claiming responsibility of the girl’s recovery.
Called for comment this week, De Klerk said, “It is very disturbing that people pick up things of the internet and then they go and decide that it is part of their proceedings. At a time when she couldn’t swallow, there was no church. The girls received treatment and her tongue was already reducing in size as a result.”
Pastor Shilongo remained adamant that it was indeed the work of God, and that a miracle had happened, as has been the case at the church on other occasions.
According to Shilongo, the young girl was brought to the crusade which took place on 12 to 14 October in Windhoek for prayers. It was where pastor Kumuyi, a Nigerian pastor prayed for the young girls where after she could finally close her mouth.
“We are not disputing the fact that the child had undergone an operation. But what we are told is that after the operation, the only thing what happened is that the size of the tongue reduced but the child, for months could still not close her mouth. When she came for prayers, she could still not close her mouth until we prayed for her.
That is when the miracle happened. The hospital did its part and the church did the rest,” said Shilongo.
Although the church only revealed one miracle on their Facebook page, it has been reported 50 other miracles happened on the same day.
“We are not false prophets. We are just telling you what we believe happened. Many other miracles have been happening. At the same crusade, some people came to testify that they could not walk but now they could walk. Some were sick and now are no longer sick, “ remarks Shilongo.
Upon being queried as to where he obtained such qualification to heal people, he added that prayer could heal anything at the discretion of faith in the person.
“Prayer can even heal HIV and I saw it when people who were HIV positive were healed. Even cancer. There is nothing that God does not heal. Even the dead – there are people who were dead and came back to life and these are miracles that I believe in,” said Shilongo.
Lawyer Herunga, who has been instrumental in the life of the young girl since the family came to seek assistance was not hesitant to spill the beans, sharing how the association has pulled resources together to get the young girl to hospitals in South Africa last year.
“What the church is claiming is a complete lie. We have been very involved with the child and we still are. This child went for operations in Cape Town last year and after that there was progress- we have that evidence of progress with us.
A few weeks ago, I received a call from the mother telling me that the child could not sleep peacefully at night with her mouth closed. There were a lot of doctors involved in this and at that time there was no church. So why is the church jumping the girl’s wagon and creating the impression that they healed her,” asked an irate Herunga.
In a Facebook post in which De Klerk responded to the churches post, the lawyer made it clear that it was the association and sponsors who made sure young Emilia received treatment in Windhoek and Cape Town.
‘You would be well advised as a Christian organization not to spread lies about the supposed “works” of your leader in the hopes of luring vulnerable Namibians to your gatherings. Although her recovery is miraculous, it had nothing to do with your church or your prophet,’ reads the post.
Subtle, effective and dangerously deceptive, religion and the worship of “men of God” has become widely spread acting as a substitute often disguised as truth.  But instead of spreading the message of love, churches are now infamous for its ability to lure followers into “cult” type arrangements clouded with secrecy and fragmentation. Where churches once were an agent to unite people, religious activities are fast posing a threat to family cohesion and dividing communities.
Over the years, some churches have been labelled as troublesome by authorities harboring criticism for bedeviling the Christian faith. Rituals to access God or blessings now include congregants being compelled to do outrageous things under the pretext of healing. A month ago,
The Patriot exposed another church in Windhoek where congregants were brain-washed to eat sand and live dubious lifestyles, pastors who allegedly exploit the female flock sexually with desperate members seeking wealth and prosperity while the sick refuse medical care preferring holy waters coming all the way from Nigeria.

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