Friday 18 June 2021
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Studying medicine isn’t cutting it anymore!

The world is becoming such a creative hub and studying courses such as medicine isn’t something we should deem the only important career path anymore.

The days of when our parents thought that being a doctor was the only career choice that would bring home an income, have long passed.

There are more medical students that find themselves sitting at home with no jobs than creative students.

These creative students are the ones who are more likely to get a job easier and at times this can be done even without a qualification.

I for one am happy that creative students are offered the platform to do what they love it’s just unfortunate that other fields have now been pushed on the side. This however is a great time for parents to start listening to their children based on the career choices that they want to follow.

I urge parents to stop fearing that studying Arts and the likes in university will never amount to anything because that is not the truth.

I can attest to you that allowing your child to follow their own career path, even when its frightening is the best thing you can ever do for them.

Children tend to perform very well in areas they are passionate about and when someone is great at what they do they can equally bring home a huge chunk of income that an entire household can benefit from.
Don’t grow old like so many of  our parents who do not enjoy career choices that were forced upon them in their years. It must be a misery to wake up each day, get dressed and enter the work place which they don’t enjoy one bit.

This is a cycle that must be broken, parents who have had the opportunity to follow the career paths that they wanted are more open to allowing their children to pursue what they want and at the same time are still there in the back ground cheering them on and ready to help them up when they may fail or stumble. This I feel is very important.

Please do note that all that I am saying is based on my own observation and from talks that I have had with people and I personally feel that it somewhat holds true.

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