Friday 18 June 2021
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Jomolizo’s legacy leaves on with ‘Ondakula’

With the music fraternity shaken to its core on 31 July by the death of then emerging bright star Moses Alweendo aka Jomolizo, fans were unanimous in their sorrow as they felt it was too soon for the hit-maker to pass. This was particularly so because they were getting used to settling his hits on fans’ playlists.
Jomolizo shot to fame in 2016 when his hit ‘Kaandjetu’ became a jukebox magnet.

His musical style, which many fans found relatable due to the way he spouted truth. This made him unforgettable. At the time of his passing, the ‘Kaandjetu’ hit-maker had left a number of songs recorded but not yet released, enough for a number of albums which now inevitably carries his legacy in the days when he is no more.

In a way to honour him, Deal Done Records released the artist’s second album ‘Ondakula’, a 15-track featuring Shitana.

The album is a true testimony of what the industry will miss, carrying some of his traditional infused shambo songs with dancehall and afro-pop hits.

The album starts off with hit ‘Ondakula’ which speaks of maturity. The songs addresses certain habits one is forced to abandon due to aging. Featuring Kamati Ekanda, the duo exchange proverbial punchlines, setting the tempo for the album while the listener is drawn into re-living the memory of Jomolizo.

After transitioning from a producer as an artist, Jomolizo’s first song was a love-tune titled “Sisi Wami’. In the second track here, Jomolizo and Shitana dedicate this song to a loved one in ‘All I need is you’ asking the special someone to give them a chance.

There are only few artists who get it right when it comes to making music that speaks to the conscience and the duo are known famously for that. Track 5 ‘Kuna noo’ speaks to this highlighting why is it that some women don’t know how to say no. ‘Education’ is Track 8 and the track speaks about why education is the key and ‘there is no other way to be number one in life.’ Although the duo personally do not have decorated academic tracks individually, they urge the youth not to follow their path, but to rather stay in school.

‘Kumininenge’ is a hit on the album with the duo again spitting out intellectual rhymes. The songs speaks to the need for society to carry each other in times of hardness with the artist says charity starts at home for a healthy society to prevail.
‘Inolotoka’ is another hit on the album that speaks to the need not to rush things. Don’t rush or you will crush is the message here and Shitana goes deep speaking of life tests that one should not always rush into. It would indeed have been his time to shine, had he not exited the game of life. ‘My time’ is Track 11 on the album, a hit where Jomolizo speaks to the philosophy that hard work spells rewards that everyone would harvest eventually.

Other tracks like ‘Inodimbwa’ and ‘Pula komesho’ dig deep into the conscience before concluding with two instrumentals. Get yourself a copy of the album at Antoni’s outlet and other music selling points. Proceeds made from this album will be handed over to the family.

Rating 4/5

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