Thursday 15 April 2021
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Ethical community activism; the case of Olupaka combined school

IN African cultures, the spirit of giving back to the community form the humanistic foundation of ethics and it is central in contemplating on African morality.
Ethics are intended to guide the conduct of people in society and therefore shape us to do what is right for the society not only by virtue of being good but also by being productive which includes ploughing back to the societies we live in. successively, Let us drink from the Philosophical words of one of the most African scholars, John Samuel Mbiti that “I am because we are, since we are, therefore I am” this narrative postulates the spirit of oneness and our interrelatedness guided by morality.
Olupaka Generation has chosen a revolutionary path of reason and morality set by John Mbiti in carrying out their radical community activism in uplifting the community of Olupaka for we are because they are, and since we are therefore they are. It was as though that Mbiti had Olupaka Generation in his pan-Africanist mind that there shall live a group of Activists to the sustenance of his words of lucid consciousness that we as Olupaka Generation continue to preach today.
We say all this to narrate the following pan-Africanist story: On the 02nd of October 2018, Olupaka Generation Group, a group of former leaners of Olupaka Combined School in Eyanda village in Outapi Constituency registered their first annual visit at the school in order to officially hand over the gifts worth N$5,420-00 to the school.
The visit was also characterized by motivational speeches directed at the leaners especially the grade 10 leaners who has started with their final JSC examinations recently whereby Olupaka Generation group managed to host three key motivational speakers; Mrs. Lydia Aipinge, a senior education officer at NIED at Okahandja who is also a former learner at Olupaka CS, Mr.Antonius Kaleb who is a radiographer at Outapi hospital and also a former leaner of Olupaka CS and Mr. Onesmus Shoombe who is well known public speaker in motivation and an activist writer from Okahala village.
In the presence of the school principal of Olupaka CS Mrs. Sabina Kleopas, the school teachers, members of the school board, school leaners and the parents who came to witness the donation of gifts during the event, Olupaka Generation members donated items such as food items, toiletries such as sanitary pads for learners, stationeries and sport items for different sport codes.
Food items donated are intended mostly for grad 10 leaners who are camping in the school premises as a way to prepare themselves for final examinations, stationeries included items such as printing papers and mathematical sets which as be used by the school, sport items included soccer balls, netballs and volleyballs and nets.
In terms of sports Mr. Ishitile “Chumera” Aloysius a singer and a student of sports who has acquired various sport qualifications especially in volleyball, the group managed to re-introduce volleyball at school in order to upgrade sports at Olupaka CS. the Olupaka Generation Group, through mobilization and spirit of community activism also managed to secure some donations of sport items from the Ministry of Youth, Outapi.
The motivational speakers were intended to instil courage and confidence on all school leaners especially with their education, speeches also touched on critical thinking, self-awareness, pan-Afrikanism and a range of contemporary social challenges affecting leaners and the learning environment.
We at Olupaka Generation would like with much appreciation to register of thankfulness to the school principal, the respective teachers, members of the school board, School Leaners leadership and all the n leaners for their unwavering support on the event.
We are contemplating on the ideas to host a reunion whereby we are planning to invite Chief Justice Peter Shivute as a school patrol for Olupaka Combined school and Dr. Sam Nujoma as a school’s Goodwill ambassador and other key influential figures in order to uplift the development of the school and the overall welfare of all the leaners of Olupaka CS therefore we at Olupaka Generation would like to call upon all willing parties locally, regionally and nationally to come on the table and help us make our activities feasible.
In our determination, we are planning to host events such as critical thinking for the benefit of leaners critical consciousness at an early age. Other projects we would look into in future include a community library.
Olupaka Generation Group would like to invite all former Olupaka Combined school leaners young and old across the country to join the train of community activism in order to uplift the school.
The Olupaka Generation committee is hereby to spearhead all the projects planned. Let us do the best to our former school in the spirit of unity, solidarity and pan-Afrikanism.
Like Tate Mbiti “We are because they are and since we are, therefore they are” We sallute Olupaka Combined School!

Kaapanda Shivute shaNandjila Olupaka Generation Group Coodinator Eyanda village Contact; [email protected]

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