Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Rossmund Golf Club racism allegations drag on

Three weeks after The Patriot reported on an alleged racism incident said to have happened during a golfing day at the Swakopmund’s Rossmund Golf Club, the club is yet to deal with the matter.
On the receiving end of the alleged premeditated expletive-laden racist rant by Peter Fox is Anton Bonifatius, who says the club has been mum since he submitted his letter of grievance on the matter.
Narrating his ordeal at the time, Bonifatius said the instigating event took place when he long with three others (Likius Namde, Richard Matti and Theo Haimbodi) won second place in a Woermann & Brock sponsored event, but were snubbed during the award ceremonies of the same event.
The group is said to have been replaced by another group of whites who did not feature in the top performers.
Only after being confronted by Bonifatius and his group, the event organizers admitted that it was a mistake, which they intended to sort out.
Out of nowhere, Fox approached Bonifatius asking him who had invited them to play in the competition.
This puzzled Bonifatius who together with Fox, are registered golfers at the Rossmund Golf Club, the hosts of the event on the day.
“He started insulting me calling me a ‘kaffir’ and that we do not deserve the rewards. He told me that ‘kaffirs’ are poor and we must stay away from the sport. It got ugly to a point that he wanted to fight me,” narrated Bonifatius.
Bonifatius has since submitted a complaint letter to the Rossmund Golf Club management in which he expresses his undesirable experience from certain members/players at the club, but has to date not received any feedback.
When contacted at the time, Club captain Jacques van der Merwe said he was aware of the allegations adding that the club management was going to look into the matter.
Called for comment yesterday to explain the delay Van der Merwe said the investigations were still ongoing highlighting that the one party was out of the country, hence the delay.
“Our disciplinary hearing will be set soon. I do not want to share anything more with you,” said Van der Merwe refusing to share a specific date.
Meanwhile, Bonifatius waits for justice to be served by the club management saying the increasing number of  incidences of this nature must come to an end.
“I did not sleep that day being called a ‘kaffir’ like we are in the old days.
Incidences of this nature are not new and they are not healthy for the sport at all.
The old days are long gone and the country is free,” he said.
The accused, who is said to have travelled out of the country, Fox is purported to have been suspended from the Walvis Bay Golf Club for misconduct and bringing the gentlemen’s game to disrepute.
Race-related altercations are not uncommon at the fraternity in the country with numerous articles written on the events as they occur but nothing is done.

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