Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Noa turns heat on NamibRe boss

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is not satisfied with answers it got from the management of the Namibia National Reinsurance Corporation (NamibRe) which it had asked in July to explain various allegations of corruption levelled against the organisation.
ACC boss Paulus Noa on 2 July 2018 sent NamibRe MD Patty Karuaihe-Martin a set of questions related to the allegations of nepotism, mismanagement and abuse of company resources.
NamibRe subsequently responded to both Noa and Public Enterprises Minister Leon Jooste.
Although Jooste conditionally cleared the state-insurance firm, it has now come to light that Noa, who is often accused of only targeting officials in lower positions, is not letting NamibRe off the hook so easily.
Documents seen by The Patriot shows that on 14 August 2018 Noa wrote to Karuaihe-Martin asking for additional information related to the allegations.
Allegations include  claims that an executive position was advertised only internally without board approval.
Board chairperson Libertha Kapere in August told Jooste that all recruitment procedures were duly followed. The minister accepted the explanation and stated that the allegations are unfounded.
On his part however, Noa is not buying the explanation.
Noa wants NamibRe to provide the CV and copies of qualifications of Mwilima as well as a list of the applicants for the position of General Manager for Corporate Affairs that met the requirements for the positions, the shortlist for the interviews and the recommendations of the interview panel on completion of the interviews.
The workers also claim that board members and the managing director take their partners along on official trips at the cost of the company, adding that management members take leave as they please without recording it.
They also accused management members of using company resources to buy gadgets such as Ipads and laptops while others buy jewelry.
Other questions included queries about a catering tender and claims that the company credit card given to Karuaihe-Martin is being used by other people. She allegedly gives it to managers to make use of it.
Like Jooste who requested the board to confirm whether the company credit card usage is complying with the Credit Policy, Noa was also not impressed with the explanation given.
“In respect of credit card 430311 00 04717 008, please provide the Commission  with a bank account statement of the monthly transactions concluded with the card as well as detailed reconciliation documentation and supporting documents  for such transactions covering the financial year 2017/18 as well as 2018/19 to date. In addition please clarify as to who the card holder is and whose signature appears on the back of the credit card. Provide the Commission with the conditions of use of the credit card,” requested Noa.
Noa also requested for the audited financials of Namibre from 2016 to date.
He said the financials are required in order for ACC to familiarise itself with the income and expenditure of NamibRe.
Karuaihe-Martin in the past said there are people out to taint her image with corruption allegations.
In fact, she refuted the claims in a letter she wrote to finance permanent secretary Erica Shafudah on 24 May 2018 in which she informs the PS of the allegations levelled against her and the board.
“I found these two letters in my office yesterday. One of the letters contains information which is defamatory and filled with false accusations against the Board, the managing director and Management of NamibRe. With reference to this letter, I would like to state that the content of the letter are devoid of truth,” she told Shafudah.
The contents of the letter were seen as a move by Karuaihe-Martin seeking support from Treasury in the midst of the damning allegations.

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