Monday 12 April 2021
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NCCI branches in revolt

NCCI Windhoek branch has bemoaned the Chamber’s leadership’s decision to take away the issuing Certificate of Origin (COO) duties from branches.
In a notice issued last month by NCCI Chairman of the Windhoek Branch, Martin Shipanga wrote to the President of NCCI Sven Thieme, that a unanimous decision to request the decision be reversed was reached during an extensive branch executive deliberation.
The notice which The Patriot has seen, highlighted that despite the branch having noted all the points raised to rationalise the decision behind it, the branch was not in agreement with it.
The notice also stated that the branch has viewed the impact of the decision as severely unilateral as no reconciliation was done on the branch’s side touching on how far the accountability of the function from the branch would go.
The chamber was given time until 28 September by the Windhoek Branch for their resolution on the matter and if there still is a desire to centralise it, for a proper due process to be followed.
This has still not been done.
When approached this week for comment, Mwiya said the issue was an administrative issue and that NCCI was dealing with it internally. “We are dealing with the branches directly, there are internal investigations going on and as an institution we have channels of communication.
I understand that somebody was called and had sat and spoke with the branch members” Mwiya noted.
The Walvis Bay branch which is led by Johny Doeseb-led is also among some of the NCCI members who have been pretty vocal in their calls for the NCCI leadership to reverse the decision.
The Walvis Bay branch made it clear that it has opposed the decision. Speaking to Doeseb this week, the business mogul noted that the chamber’s leadership was yet to respond to their request directly, but have instead questioned the branch’s reasons as to why they have opposed it.
“We are currently in the process of drafting an opposition letter and once that is done we will communicate it with the relevant bodies” he said. Another member who also questioned why the branches have been side-lined is NCCI’s Windhoek Branch Manager Johanna Shiweda-Indongo.
She opposed the decision saying the National Council meeting of 2017 did not direct Head Office to take over the administration of the Certificates of Origin with immediate effect.
Shiweda-Indongo highlighted that the implications and a practical approach need to be considered in this matter as the impression created among members is very negative.
She had highlighted that as with any institution, branches make up the NCCI and subsequently the National Council of NCCI should be consulted and consensus reached for the most practical approach as there are administrative implications to this for both NCCI and its esteemed clients.
In August this publication reported that two of the NCCI branches-Windhoek and Walvis Bay had challenged its leadership for allegedly excluding branches from the decision-making processes and subsequently imposing decisions on them.
During that period, NCCI Acting CEO Charity Mwiya wrote to the various branches to inform them of the changes which, according to her were aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability and competitiveness in the NCCI’s endeavour to sustain its credibility as the premier business representative organization in the country.
It was further indicated that all COOs will be issued by NCCI’s Marketing officer Augusta Negongo and that all clients requiring COOs will be serviced from this head office onwards and that the COOs that were currently in use would be phased out and replaced by new ones with specific security features as of the effective date.

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