Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Mourinho Geingob: same difference

At times like this, a week’s hope from Prophet Elizabeth is what we need. Just like Manchester United, Namibia needs more than prayers. It has only crossed my dwarf mind this week that there is a Damara in Jose Mourinho and vice versa with our honourable top jitta President Hadago.

Watch closely and you will see that these two comrades share the same spoon in so many ways if not everything, just on different sides of the coin. Let’s not worry so much about marriage and who is married to who since we don’t see the other one’s wife nor do we know if she is a cheerleader for women and girl rights.

Like true politicians and any former IUM head boy graduate would promise HR in a job interview, these two sold us dreams for nothing but a nappie of Squadron. I mean, both their CVs are so well decorated that one would want to hire them without going through Nahas.

The local has a number of political caps and versatile liberation jigas. The comrade has been around since the press conference that announced the first land conference and has died for this country. He has seen the sunrise and sunset of the political lives of Nujoma and Pohamba and now works with the son of one. He is the only person who can tell Uutoni that his father was a top jita in the second division in Lubango. The guy has smelled Hendrik Witbooi, so how dare you question his credentials when he is older than 80% of traditional leaders in this country?

On the other side, the Portuguese’s father was the Barry Rukoro of Namibian football. He was that boy who only watched his father on tv but never wanted to make it to the pitch. Just like our honourable, the chief studied and was even a teacher and learned from the best such as Bobby Robson. But enough with their history, because no born free is interested with your Tanganyika history, but what you can deliver.

One took over in 2015 and the other the following year and look where we are. The country has been downgraded a number of times-so k*k that Zimbabweans doesn’t feel shit any more. Things are so bad that even supporting Civics could be an option.

The line-up is k*k. To many expensive and useless players who can do shit not even to save their names. And don’t forget about the arrogance from the top jittas. Not everyone is k*k though but the thing about football and politics is that when you play with shitty player or politicians, they also make you look bad.

Defeats to teams that would come second place in the Hopsol Youth League has become the order of the day while mindless and belly-inspired suited illiterates rant their mouths that things will get better soon like Liverpool sidechicks. And just by the way, the old crock is a Liverpool fan and its always next year.

In the meantime, the comrades walk away with fat salaries, telling us to fasten our belts in this tough losing time while they buy new and bigger belts. Ask them about the prospects of getting out of this shithole and they will tell you their before-sun-rise cridetial. One will tell you about some 87% percent while the ‘Special One’ will show you his kitchen cupboard with more cups than the other one’s team.

It took Alex Ferguson over a decade to build the team and only two years to screw things. At home, Kapembe and Lucas crafted the ‘Land of the Brave’ that is now at question big time. Things are tough when Zimbabweans selling cockroach killers on the streets are finding it tough. There is no longer food in the houses hence the brothers are having a tough time.

This week we just had the most of true illustrations that the Namibian line-up is k*k with the Land Conference tournament that the team is currently playing at. Over 600 rich landlords and farm owners are making decisions for the rest of the country. In the entire mix, for sure there is no one who knows the price of rent and a 60% have not yet felt the recent fuel increase pinch.

30 percent are senior citizens making decisions to be implemented when they will all be put to rest by biology at Heroes Acre. What is worse is that even the few young parrots are singing the same song, digging graves that they might fall in one day.

We are in shit. So bad that you would think Arsenal will win the Champion League that they are not a part of and maybe Kazenambo must come back. You ask why Manchester United has not yet sacked Mourinho, well, start at home. The stubbornness is just like a Shoprite trollies with a bent wheel.

But maybe this teaches us that just because Okahandja United are the fresh boys in the league does not mean they are better than Rundu Chiefs.


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