Friday 14 May 2021
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Men learn to cook for yourselves!

Its high time men learn to cook for themselves by getting busy in the kitchen and stop expecting women to do so for them. It’s stupid to see a grown ass man come home from work every day expecting to be catered to by a women who is equally as tired from a long day of work too.

Men should stop using the excuse that women who refuse to cook for them will not get married and women should stop being frightened by this.

The right man who will contribute 100 percent the same way you give your 100 percent will come your way. Just wait because they won’t base your worth on your ability to make him a meal every day. I for one would never want to get married to a man who waits for me to come home after a long day of work to come and cook for him. I would rather marry a man who will get up, go to the kitchen, help out sometimes and makes food for himself when he is hungry or for the both of us.

And I believe that this is how we the new generation should start raising our children, both male and female that is. We need to teach our females that if we are going to be submissive let it be to a certain extent which is healthy. Where both genders get to experience an equal input of work.

We should teach our sons that just because they live with a female they should not laze around and wait for the female to carry out all the house hold duties which include cooking, because it should not be that way.

Parents please start teaching your sons how to prepare food for themselves or else they will go hungry. Teach the boy child how to do basic stuff for himself, teach them how to iron, how to wash, how to fold their own clothes and how to do grocery shopping by themselves.

Let’s stop making excuses as to why we can’t train the boy child the right way. We should train them at an early age. It will do them so much good. Perhaps they will start appreciating the opposite genders efforts because I don’t think many of them do.

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