Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Who lost the land?(Part 2)

The fact the most of these Commercial farmers own by whites are named in these indigenous people (Herero and Damara/Nama) vernacular and their forefather’s graves are still visible, this manifest as to who really lost land.
The rest of the other tribes are still leaving in their ancestor’s land where their forefathers have been buried for the past 150 years.  Meanwhile, these same people are occupying 90% of the previously grabbed commercial land, while those who really lost the land are landless and still in the overcrowded reserves.  Is that really fair independence, freedom, equity and justice?
This is a clear oppression by our own brothers and sisters on fellow previously devastated Namibians. The Owambo, Kavango and Caprivian must have mercy to their fellow brothers so that we can be given preference to be resettled in our forefathers land so that we can came closer to our ancestral graveyards which where demolished by the German and South African coloniser.
Please get my fact right; am not implying that the others should not be resettled in Commercial farms, but to ensure a fair process 70% of the resettle farmers should be given to the direct victims.
Today, the very same patriotic Namibians who assisted the former president with shelter, water, food and transport during the liberation struggle have been resettled in an overgrazed, corridor area of Gam camp in Otjozondjupa Region, upon their return from Botswana.
Therefore, once again it is imperative for the current Namibian Government to find all possible way to resettle this people closer to where their fathers used to leave.
Gam area is where their ancestors pass through when thy fled to Botswana, even the remains (unburied bones) of those who died because of hunger, thirst and poisoned water by the German soldiers.  Personally, I regard the idea of our government to resettle them in Gam area is torture and psychologically disturbing them, because they always see bones of people coming out of the soil when they are dinging holes for cultivating or cleaning their homestead.
If the Government was considerate enough they could have bought the land through the resettlement programme or any other programme to settle these people as a token of appreciation and recognition.
To us the minority tribes, 20years of independence is meaningless because our land is still in the hands of minority whites and the small land our government bought is has been given to the other Namibians who did not lost land at all.  Meanwhile the government is praising is boosting for purchasing only two farms in which more than 500 families of San people, while in one farm, only two or one family from those who dint lost land have been resettled.  Is that really making sense or fair?
Please readers do not consider me a racist, but rather take me as a concerned Namibian citizen who practically lost land, cattle and a grand child of the victim of war of National Resistance.  For sure, those who are benefiting from land distribution will regard me as a racist because I mentioned their wrongdoings.
I don’t understand the criteria’s use by the government to resettle! For instance a person who never lost land, currently have a huge piece of land in the north, owns only 1 chicken, 3 donkies, 5 goats, 2cows and not bull (to multiply); this person have also been resettle in a commercial farm somewhere in the central or southern part of the country. Some of them have subleased their resettled farms or units, some units are empty, fences are falling apart, the houses have turned in to a goats kraal and the doors of have turned in fire woods. This is because they are not valuing “our fore fathers land” and putting it to better use. In the meantime, they government ignore the plea of those with enough livestock, essential skills and culture to do farming in those fertile lands of their forefathers. Is that a fair process being caring out by our own Namibian government?
All these questions are wondering in the mind of minority tribes’ currently disadvantage by our own independent Namibian government:
Why can’t we have the policy on land issue in place like the famous affirmative action policy or even the Act of the war Veterans?
Why do we have an Act of parliament that address the life’s and wellbeing of the liberation straggle war Veterans while we are ignoring the wellbeing of the victims of the war of National Resistance of 1904-1907? Why are we ignoring the first part of the war and applause the second part of the wars?
We tend to forget that the liberation struggle was started by the survival and victims of the war of National Resistance who were in the consideration camps across the country and then released on the 25 May 1908.
To mention a one of them familiar to everyone Mr.Chief Hosea Katjikuruume Komombumbi Kutako born at Okahurimehi in the Okahandja district and a real victim of war with bullet wounds in his body.
If we want ever lasting peace, unity, prosperity in Namibia lets share the land in equitable way. The minority might be silent and observing the current wrong doing against them, but meanwhile they are internalizing what have been done to their ancestors by the colonialist masters and when the time is right they will stand up against injustice and oppression like their ancestors.
There is a say in Otjiherero language “Tjevera eyova tjira tjiza”, we have been fully aware of the ongoing inequality regarding land issue for the past 20 years of independence and we will continue observing what will happened during the next 10 years to come.  “Patji Ngarikotoke” we demand the return of land of our forefathers back from the illegitimate owners!
My heart is full of sorrow, my eyes are full of tears and my stomach is full ulcers due to stress because my people are poor and permanently lost their ancestral land.  Who will liberate them; will a priest be born who will bring back our fathers land?
Time will come when our grandchildren, grand-grandchildren will move in to the areas of their ancestor’s, like the otjihinaparero, Ondekeremba, Okatjiho, Okozongominja, Ohamakari, Otjosazu, Okazeva, to name a few and take full control by hook!
The Solution, I am proposing to the Namibia independent Government before it is too late, is to buy land and give to all Namibians but the first priority must be given to those who lost land.
If the Government buy 10 farms, 7 of these farms must be given to the direct victims of land mainly, Damaras, Namas, Ovahereros and the San people, and the 3 farms can be divided among all the Namibians, this will serve justice and rectify the wrong doings of the past.

From a landless Namibian

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