Saturday 15 May 2021
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The Dogg drops the mic

After a much decorated 15 years in the industry, the much anticipated 29/09/18 concert which brings down the curtain on the live and performing musical journey of music dynast The Dogg happens tomorrow.

The multi-award winning artist locally and across the border braced the music industry with Oshimaliwa Osatana introducing himself as the ‘Kwaito Master’ up until his last release ‘Concrete Jungle, announced to The Patriot this year that his last release was indeed his farewell offering to his never-ending fan base and the country at large.

This week during an interview at the Unam Stadium where the artist has named to be the grounds for his last stage appearance, The Dogg shared that he was excited for his final concert that will bring together a fan-base that he has built since day one.

More than once, the Namibian and African fans have spoken and their hearts belonged to The Dogg. From the days of the slim young musical force in his yellow tracksuit to the versatile powerhouse he has become.

“There are fans I started with from day one. They came and supported me through this journey while others left. I have fans whom I’ve grown up with and some of these guys are top executives. And then there are those who came to support me during ‘Chip in – chip out’. So I want to have a last one and appreciate these people for just being there and making me who I am today,” said The Dogg.

Asked whether it was too soon to drop the mic and what he would be doing going forward, The Dogg said, “I have other things to do. Yes, people will say it’s too early but they will always say that. When I came out with ‘The untold story of The Dogg’, people said I am too young to write my own story.

“Although I will not be active in music any longer, I will still be involved from a distance. I still have a record label to run and a clothing line to keep growing. Other than that, I will be doing life-changing events like the Smart Cut campaign.”

With 11 successful albums over the years, The Dogg said he will miss being on stage the most, the crowd and having his fans show him love. “Music has made me who I am and I owe all of that to my fans.”

Undisputedly one of Namibia’s most successful artists to date, The Dogg said although he is calling it quits, he feels he has not done enough to breakthrough on the continent. The ‘Nuka’ hit-maker has bagged awards at the at home, at Channel O Music awards, recently winning the hearts of Africa with ‘Shuukifa Kwii’ at the Afrima awards, on top of other prestigious accolades.

“I wanted to work with Jackson Kaujeua. His music is melodic. When I was in Onayena as a young boy, I use to listen to his music. But from the current young crop there are a few like |Brown Skin Koko and Lioness. They have talent and would have really wanted to work with them.”
Asked who he thinks will take over the industry in the near future, The Dogg was quick to point out, KP Illest and Lioness.

“KP Illest will take over this industry. It’s not because he is under my record label but he can do it even outside of Mshasho. He is curious to learn and knows what he wants. Lioness can also push and I can say the same about Brown skin Koko.

Tswazis can also take over, coming from a background like theirs and getting people to like you is a success. Otherwise, I should say there is a lot of talent in the industry at the moment compared to our days. Everyone can shine.” The Mshasho brand has to date become a lifestyle to many, making one of the strong record labels that country boasts. Often the artist has been labelled as rude but at the same time his fan base speaks otherwise.

In his parting words, The Dogg says, “If I’ve said something wrong on my songs that people did not like, that was simply me thinking. I apologize,”

The last concert will feature a number of local talents which the ‘Baby Don’t Go’ hit maker says are artist who felt the concert should be lit and represent what the artist had contributed to the industry. “Thank you very much, the journey has been rough. I got painted a lot of times but the truth always stood out. We have been here for 15 years and the support has been immense.”

Performing acts on the night will be Sunny Boy, Tate Buti, Chesta House Prince, Tswazis, LMPC, Maria Nepembe, Sam-E Lee Jones, Lilifa 95, KFC DJs, Paul Da Prince, Kalux, Top Cheri, Sally Boss Madam and international act Diamond Platnumz.

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