Friday 14 May 2021
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School director’s nudes to pupil exposed

Director of the St Antony Universal College in Windhoek West has been caught pants down with evidence that the politician-cum-educator has been trying to lure a 16-year-old into a sexual relationship.
Agreement Kagura, who is also a Zimbabwean politician of the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC–T) is being accused of attempting to trick one of the learners at his school.
The grade 12 learner is believed to have been referred to Kagura’s college by her mother for extra lessons.
The learner cannot be named because she is still a minor.
This did not turn out to be the case as the educator, which was supposed to be the pupil’s second home became a lion’s den with the learner as the prey. It is reporter that the learner would come to the college after attending her normal schooling sessions at a school in Katutura.
The Patriot has seen explicit messages and nude pictures Kagura has sent the learner. In the communications, Kagura fields an array of charming messages to the minor who seem to be knowledgeable of the senior’s ulterior intentions.
“…I can’t control my feelings now…” “Can’t wait to give you my love…” To which the minor responds, “don’t flatter me” and he replies “I mean it genuinely.”
Kagura has sent the minor pictures which include a selfie and his private parts; The Patriot has the evidence. In the WhatsApp dialogue, Kagura asked the minor to also send him nudes, to which she refused before showing her family the trial of communications.
When asked about fiasco, Kagura did not deny the WhatsApp communications between him and the minor. However, he insisted that the entire narrative is cooked by the minor’s family referring to the mother of the child as a prostitute.
“The entire story is a cooked narrative. It is cooked by the family of the girl who are crooks that want to tarnish my name. They have been doing this from home [Zimbabwe ] and continue to do it even here.”
Asked to respond to specific messages which he sent to the girl implying that he wanted to sleep with her, including the picture of his private parts, Kagura went mum, going back to pointing out that the family is crooked and has no other intentions other than soliciting money from him while tarnishing his image.
There are different kinds of inappropriate relationships between students and teachers. Some are quite clearly wrong.
An intimate relationship between an adult and a very young child is one social evil that the education ministry continues to fight.
A family friend, who preferred anonymity, said they have reported the case with the Gender Based Violence Protection Unit. The unit this week has sent Kagura a letter in which the unit calls the director to appear in front of a social worker at the unit on 12 October.
Kagura confirmed receipt of the letter from the unit and says he will wait for the set date to attend.
“This thing has the mother of the child feeling very angry.
When she heard the story from the daughter, she almost committed suicide because of what the man has sent to her daughter. You trust someone with your daughter and yet they try to take advantage of that. It is just very wrong.
If he does these things to the girl, how safe are those students at the college because if the director of the school does it, what about the lecturers?” said the family friend.
Brought to the attention of the education ministry Permanent Secretary, Sanet Steenkamp said whether the accused is from a private education entity, the Education act applies across everyone in the education fraternity.
“So we absolutely have no tolerance. As soon as the matter is reported, we follow the matter through,” she said.
“We don’t take these issues lightly. We have zero tolerance on these cases and almost all the cases we had led to the discharge of the staff member. As soon as the matter reaches, there will be consequences for the guilty party,” she added.

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