Friday 14 May 2021
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Ladies stop collecting trash

For months now I’ve observed social media going wild with the #menaretrash campaign and woman have religiously been bashing all men. This is disappointing because only a few men are guilty and deserve that hashtag, but now its like all men are responsible for the movement.

Ever heard someone say to a victim of gender based violence “If you left at the first sign, you wouldn’t be sitting in the situation you are in right now.” Well if you think about it, if you left at the first sign your campaign would not have started at all.

So you walk in to a club – sign number 1, and brother man in the corner buys you a drink, you accept it and enjoy your night. Later that night my guy comes to claim his purchase – subtly for maybe a dance or something casual like that. This is your love story pilot.

Another scenario is mans slides into your DM, and comes through with all the peaches and cream, you fall for it and lets one thing lead to the next and after a few meet up and dates, mans becomes bae.

This is how the modern day love story can start and this is what we (the current generation) consider romantic.

Its so easy to get into a ladies pants these days, we don’t even need to meet the parents or do the gentleman stuff our fathers used to do. All you need now is to swipe right or like all the posts and attention has been given, relationship starts.

Now the question is – if it was that easy to get into your pants and you consider yourself a woman of stature and class, imagine how easy it is to get into the pants of a woman that has no moral compass, whatsoever?

Women have lowered their standards so much these days and men too. We have made everything so instant, we don’t realize just how terrible our foundation building process has become. Babe if you are going to make it easy for man’dem to get under your skirt how dare you try and put a #manaretrash stamp on my nigga when you decided you’re collecting?

Now I’m not condoning the behaviors of my fellow male colleagues, but what I am trying to say is “soort soek soort”.

Your man will only be as good as your decision.

They use to say a good man is hard to find because that statement was true and still is. Our insta relationships will not bypass that system and our parents are here with all the receipts.

As much as man are trash, we appreciate your love for recycling, but not all men are trash, we didn’t tell you to try them all.

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