Saturday 15 May 2021
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The obvious is not so obvious after all

I had a conversation the other day, yes I had another conversation that sparked my topic. The friend I was talking to missed all my jokes, missed every single sarcastic remark and when I asked them about it they had little to no clue about the whole conversation being sarcastic or whether it had any hint of humour in it.

Now a lot of my friends say, and I say this with the utmost humility possible, that I am hilarious. So I was just shocked at the whole situation not only because my friend didn’t find it funny but also because they were totally oblivious to it all.

I did some research and my findings were mind boggling.

You know when ladies say something and we as men seem to always miss the plot? Or when someone’s being sarcastic but the sarcasm just goes over your head? I believe there’s a real condition as to why these “obvious” encounters are missed.

Social awareness is so vital in today’s life. Social awareness is the ability to discern your social and emotional environment, it involves humor, empathy and sympathy amongst many other aspects. Being socially aware is being able to comprehend and appropriately respond to both broad problems of society and interpersonal struggles. This means that being socially aware relates to being aware of your environment, what’s around you, as well as being able to accurately interpret the emotions of people with whom you interact.

So basically walking into a room and not being able to dissect the mood is a clear example of being socially unaware. Now the socially unaware are well, for example: my friend.  They do not realize this is what I mean when it comes with being unaware.

I personally feel being socially aware is a new found super power and comes with high intelligence. Being able to grasp the mood of the room and using that to move about with caution is amazing. Imagine just from looking at body language and the tone of someone’s voice you can depict the emotional theme of their mind and be able to use that to their advantage or the advantage of everyone else in the room. This is definitely a bomb diffuser that is vital in our society today.

With that awareness, so much time can be saved when you know how to avoid certain things like a small disagreement. For instance when working with a client that might be in a bad mood, imagine how much can be done if you could discern their mood and how to tread and work with the said individual.

I’m yet to know if it’s a trait that could be learnt, but one thing for sure it makes so much more sense knowing that people are not intentionally being oblivious to the obvious, their temperaments are just set up differently and it is up to those with the more aware mind set to differentiate and work accordingly.

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