Friday 18 June 2021
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NUST swaps prime land

Namibia University of Science and Technology(NUST) is giving a portion of its three-hectare prime land in Kleine Kuppe to the well-connected religious Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Namibie(NG Kerk) in exchange for a smaller piece of land, currently an old-age home, next to the university’s main campus.
The land swap, which The Patriot can confirm, means that NUST will give up a portion of its land.
According to the deal, NUST will be required to build a brand new old-age home at its own cost and hand it over to NG Kerk. The value of the transaction is not known at this stage
NG Kerk owns Erf No. 1948 and Erf No. 1928, situated right next to the NUST campus measuring respectively 17,3 hectares while NUST owns Erf No. 404, situated in Kleine Kuppe measuring 31,1 hectares.
The NG Kerk is currently utilizing the Windhoek West property for the purpose of an old age home known as the Oude Rust Oord.
The Kleine Kuppe property, The Patriot understands, will be divided into two parts whereby one part will be used for the construction of a new replacement facility for the NG Kerk and subsequent relocation of the old age home. NUST will own the remaining portion.
“NUST is willing to develop a new location for Oude Rust Oord on Portion A of the Kleine Kuppe property in exchange for the land that Oude Rust Oord currently occupies, and thereby relocate Oude Rust Oord to Portion A on the Kleine Kuppe property.
In order to affect this exchange of land and relocation of Oude Rust Oord, NUST will erect facilities for an old age home, as set out in the approved building plan,” reads a confidential agreement entered into by the two parties.
The agreement further states that: “Upon completion of the new facilities on Portion A of the 2nd Property(Kleine Kuppe), the 1st Property(current old age home) shall be transferred to NUST in exchange for the transfer of Portion A of the 2nd Property to the NG Kerk or its successor in title.”
Upon the transfer date of the property, all rights and interests in and to the new facility to be erected on the Kleine Kuppe property will be transferred to Oude Rust Oord at the cost of NUST.
The two parties agreed that no monetary consideration is payable by either party to the other for the properties.
NUST will bear the direct costs of the transfer of residents, furniture and items to Kleine Kuppe.
“NUST shall be obliged to construct or cause the construction of an old age home facility on Portion A of the 2nd Property(Kleine Kuppe property), which replacement facility shall be of a similar size no more or less than a five (5%) percent variance in size measured in square meter, as per the approved building plans or development plans that the Parties have agreed upon, than the current old age home facility used by Oude Rust Oord,” reads the agreement.
It is not clear at this stage what NUST wants to use the adjacent land for.
Former SRC president Oscar Mwandingi this week indicated that the student council suggested that the current old age village be used for student accommodation.
Mwandingi said the swap was discussed in Council last year whereby a presentation on how the deal with be executed was made to Council members.
Land swaps between public entities and private companies have frequently been criticised for the opportunity they pose for corruption and underhand dealings.

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