Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Nguvauva blames government for traditional disputes

Disputes within traditional authorities are nothing new and government ‘partly’ plays a role in the birth and continued escalation of these disputes, Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Nguvauva told The Patriot this week.
Nguvauva, whose traditional authority is not new to infightings for chieftainship, said government officials should be held accountable for giving factions within traditional authority’s attention to fight the rightful leadership.
“Sometimes we as traditional authorities are not given enough support by government to minimize these disputes. You hear a certain minister or permanent secretaries’ referring to those who are not legally recognized as chiefs. What is that? Even when there is an Act that it is only those who are recognized,” said Nguvauva.
The chief also took a swipe at radio stations making specific reference to the NBC Otjiherero station for playing a part in stirring infighting within his traditional authority.
“You will hear them on the radio saying they are interviewing the chief of a traditional authority who is not recognized.
These are the things that contribute to the infightings. We are giving the wrong people attention and in the long run we misinform the nation,” said a concerned Nguvauva.
According to the chief, infightings are part of any leadership but it is wrong of the government to sit idle and let illegitimate powers put the name of traditional authorities to disgrace. Instead of going to modern courts, government should thus facilitate the talks that would settle these, Nguvauva emphasized.
The former parliamentarian called on government officials to join hands with traditional authorities in closing the gap for unnecessary disputes.
He said the people on the forefront of these disputes know very well about their wrong doing but this will not stop until government closes the gap to stop people even thinking of stirring trouble.
“If the government is convinced that there are standing laws of how things should be run, why should we even go to courts when things are in black and white? Traditional courts are effective but cannot be used to solve these disputes. Thus we need government to support us in these regards,” he said.
Last month, High Court judge Maphios Cheda ordered Ondonga King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas to appear in the Oshakati High Court to give oral testimony about his alleged dismissal of traditional leaders.
King Elifas is alleged to have ordered the dismissal of seven traditional councillors in July last year. The dismissed traditional leaders are Peter Kauluma, Joseph Asino, John Walenga, Vilho Kamanya, Kashona kaMalulu, Tonata Ngulu and Fillemon Nambili.
Following their dismissal, Kauluma, Asino, Walenga, Kamanya, kaMalulu and Nambili lodged a case in the High Court in which they are asking the court to review and set aside the decision to dismiss them, and to stop the appointment of other traditional leaders in the positions from which they were removed.
These revelations angered founding president Sam Nujoma who intervened in the matter. Nujoma is said to have visited the ailing King at his palace where he had a closed door meeting with Kauluma.
“The same thing happening to King Kauluma it is the same thing happening to us and if we don’t stop this, these things will continue to other traditional authorities. We fought ours and government just watched.
Ours is still going on even when government has gazetted me. I understand they have submitted something to the courts again,” said Nguvauva.
At the opening of 21st annual meeting of the Council of Traditional Leaders, Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders said traditional leaders have become the shadows of those with ambitions to capitalize their interest in the name of Traditional Authority, said Immanuel /Gaseb.
“We have many court cases in which traditional leaders are being summoned to appear before court, but most of these cases are initiated by those with good academic credentials to divide our traditional leaders and the community for their own interests,” said /Gaseb.

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