Sunday 20 June 2021
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Lize Ehlers – a musical kaleidoscope !

Lize Ehlers recently dropped her fifth album and in all honesty, she came with all guns blazing.

The album titled ‘ 5’ is a 10 track jewel that embraces everything Namibian.  It’s infusions of Afrikaans and Trap really revolutionizes the very existence off the Namibian Afrikaans music sector. With excitement and pride Lize speaks very highly of her Album.

“I was looking forward to drop my fifth album with an intimate concert on spring day celebrating a new season of hope. But with the violent atrocities happening in my beloved country, I decided on a silent launch, with no music and no party, but making my new music available to the public.

I hope this statement carries weight and shows my dedication to avail my time, my skills and my network to do whatever it takes to beat this incomprehensible reality Namibia is facing with violence especially gender based violence. ” narrated the Namibian songstress Lize Ehlers.

‘5’ is meant to bring light, to welcome happiness in abundance into our lives, to honor the deceased and to celebrate the place we find ourselves in currently in our own vernacular.

Written and performed by Lize Ehlers, all tracks are produced, mixed and mastered by DJ Chronic, a prolific Namibian producer, who also produced Lize’s acclaimed former album titled “Heal.”
The opening song ‘Mamma Pappa’ is a tribute to Lize’s late parents and is a relatable, peaceful but sorrowful song.  It talks about the imprints certain giants have made in Lize’s life; it talks about family, community, integrity and legacy.

‘Calling me’ talks about the south of Namibia. It celebrates where Lize comes from, her hometown, her town Mariental. It also heralds little sayings she grew up with like the well known Afrikaans song “Dus die boom in die gat, en die gat in die grond en die groen gras groei daar rond.”

‘Is there more ?’, asks the painful questions associated with our deep struggles, the incredible suffering Namibians are going through. It is an island style afro-pop song playing on metaphors of escaping to our Utopia and finding answers there.

‘It’s you’ goes back to Lize’s signature and celebrated style – ballad love songs based on a piano axis with a deep-rooted message of gratitude.

‘Do what you need to do’ is a reggae vibe feel-good song to inspire hope in a fun and unapologetic way.

“Dala what you must!”
‘Fantastic Sam’ is one of Lize’s favorite creations thus far. Initially a dedication track to her world-famous male nail technician, Fantastic Sam turned his profession into a call for Namibian men to be BETTER. It talks about consent, about building up your name, about kindness and ultimately celebrating men like Fantastic Sam. It is a hot house hit and the video that will be shot on 7 September.
‘Strut your stuff’ is a trap song in the album is a sassy celebration of Namibian women. It is a twerk song with substance. It also honors House of Poulton,  Lize’s designer Melisa Poulton and all the hard work she has and continues to pour into the Namibian Industry, albeit amid various challenges. She and many other Namibian female creatives are putting themselves out there and that is the bravest thing you can do as an artist.

‘Hou op lieg’ is said to blow up on charts as noted by various professionals who have heard this Afrikaans trap sensation by Lize Ehlers. It is another fun poke at bad habits and looking at the reality of choices and ripple effects.

Lize cannot wait to start working with her choreographer, dancers and band, to bring a mind-blowing showcase of “5” to various local and international audiences in 2019!

The album is currently exclusively available at HEC Production Studios and will be available on all online stores and top reputable music outlets during the second week of September.

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