Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Jooste conditionally clears NamibRe

The Minister of Public Enterprises Leon Jooste has cleared the public insurance firm NamibRe from a host of corruption claims-albeit conditionally-due to the absence of supporting policy documentation.
The firm has faced hordes of corruption and mismanagement claims that resulted into a full Anti-Corruption Commission probe.
Jooste had asked the company’s board chair Libertha Kapere to answer a litany of questions after he had received complaints in respect of alleged exorbitant spending, travelling and favouritism in appointments made.
The questions include a query about a catering tender and claims that the company credit card given to Karuaihe-Martin is being used by other people. She allegedly gives it to managers to make use of it.
The workers also claim that board members and the managing director take their partners along on official trips at the cost of the company, adding that management members take leave as they please without recording it.
They also accused management members of using company resources to buy gadgets such as Ipads and laptops while others buy jewelry.
After Kapere submitted a report on 30 July 2018 to Jooste answering to the allegations levelled by the disgruntled employees, the minister perused the report and had some reservations about some of the operations and company policies.
On claims that there exists irregularities when it comes to employing procedures, Jooste expressed satisfaction with the explanation from the board.
‘The Board has provided substantive information that approval was granted to create additional positions as per the approved organisational structure“.
He was also happy with the acting allowances paid to those operating in an acting capacity.
“The Board however needs to provide an explanation how the decision was justified that a car allowance scheme for the D-E bands is 100% funded by the company and whether this benefit is added to the total guaranteed packages of management,” he said.
Jooste wants clarity on whether the Remuneration Packages of the CEO and Senior Management were exempted from the 2018 Remuneration Directive.
“The Board is also requested to provide an explanation why Management is receiving a guaranteed 13th cheque as stipulated in the Compensation Policy and not variable on performance as per the 2018 Remuneration Directive,” he requested.
NamibRe’s Compensation Policy states that all employees shall be entitled to a taxable 13th cheque in December each year. It further states that the bonus or 13th cheque shall be paid pro-rata to the employee’s service period if he/she is less than 12 months in service.
Regarding officials using company resources to purchase laptops, Ipads and watches, Jooste said: “No approved policy was attached to the report. In the absence of an approved policy, the allocation of technical equipment such as laptops and Ipads to employees cannot be applied consistently,” said Jooste while requesting for the IT policy of the company.
Jooste did also not take kindly to the fact that the report was not accompanied by a training policy, considering the fact that management was also accused of undertaking unnecessary trips abroad.
“Training courses that can be locally sourced or within the SADC Region should be done accordingly. It seems unlikely that attending Procurement Training courses in Dubai is necessary,” he said.
Jooste was satisfied with the submission made by the board disputing claims that Karuaihe-Martin’s sister was awarded a catering contract.
“A list of suppliers was provided and the respective proof of payment as evidence that no contract was awarded to the MD’s sister,” he said.
The minister also requested the board to confirm whether the company credit card usage is complying with the Credit Policy.
Karuaihe-Martin in the past said there are people out to taint her image with corruption allegations.
In fact, she refuted the claims in a letter she wrote to finance permanent secretary Ericah Shafudah on 24 May 2018 in which she informs the PS of the allegations levelled against her and the board.
“I found these two letters in my office yesterday. One of the letters contains information which is defamatory and filled with false accusations against the Board, the managing director and Management of NamibRe. With reference to this letter, I would like to state that the content of the letter are devoid of truth,” she told Shafudah.
The contents of the letter were seen as a move by Karuaihe-Martin seeking support from Treasury in the midst of the damning allegations.

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