Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Baby mama’s and baby daddy’s put your differences aside – asseblief tog

Baby mama and baby daddy drama is a tale we all know too well. It’s either happened to us or to people around us at some point, so seeing it unfold before our very own eyes in this day and age does not come as surprise.
This has however become an unhealthy occurrence that many baby mama’s and baby daddy’s continue to carry on with, all because one or both parties in most cases is always bitter about the relationship ending in a nasty way.

If a relationship ended for whatever reason and the outcome of that relationship was a baby then you both owe it to the innocent life you created to act mature enough by putting your issues aside for the sake of the baby. I really hate seeing children have to suffer the consequences of their parent’s bitterness. In most cases children are kept away from seeing their one parent which is sad because a child deserves to grow up knowing and being allowed to be around both parents.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that in order to ensure a child’s happiness, the parents who don’t love each other should stay together, NO! But what they can do is learn how to co-parent the right way.

I am going to call a spade a spade and plead to baby mama’s to be mature enough not to push away a child from their father, no matter how the relationship between you two ended.

Allow the child to have a relationship with their father, because as a child grows up there are various things that a child will need to learn that only their father can teach them.
Please note that this is not a one sided blame game, baby daddies should also be men enough to stand up and make sure they take care of the seeds they planted in a woman’s womb.

Take care of your responsibility the right way, do not wait for your baby mama to constantly call you to ask you to buy  nappies or powdered milk because these are tasks that you should know, should be done.

Stop going around spreading horrible rumours about each other because all this is just plain stupid.

Just learn to respect each other enough and do right by the child. Keep your sanity intact and let’s become the generation that is open to learn how to have healthier relationships with one another.

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