Thursday 6 May 2021
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You’re as racist, as the white man you call out!

Even after independence “the emanicipation of the mind” doesn’t quite seem a reality amongst us and we are very quick to point a finger, but to blame ourselves – NEVER !

For years since our liberation from slavery and apartheid it has come to my attention that we still feel some sense of segregation. It seems as though we have resorted to blaming everyone, but never to include ourselves in the cluster of the blamed.

From the ancient Greek era to the late 90s segregation has been part of society and it wasn’t just based on skin color. Segregation has had many faces from financial standings to athletic abilities.

Now I’ve encountered many people who still claim racism in this day and age. With the recent ‘Adam Catzavelo’ scandal in South Africa blatantly using the K word it is safe to say that there are still some individuals who are racist. Who would have known a few years later that we would still have this as a reality.

Unsurprisingly though, we assume that because we are people of colour, we are exempted from this epidemic. I know right, shocker! Yes how many of us have classified the white folk into a certain criteria? How many of us have said “I don’t do that white people stuff,” or when a school shooting happens we shout “sounds about white enough”. But it’s okay for us to say it right?

Now I consider that hypocritical at best, but we segregate within ourselves. Difficult to believe, but it’s a reality that in this 2018, we still have families who refuse to marry across races. And this is very evident amongst my people: namely the coloured folk.

POC ( people of colour ) might not show that in the open, but we too have our own racial profiling and prejudices towards other races.

Let’s not even mention tribes! Bruh! Black people refusing to be with other “kinds” of black people just make no sense!

Maybe we can learn from white people as white people will learn to live with another white person and they’ll do it well.

We need to sweep before own doors, before we decide to call the cleaning ladies for own neighbours.

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