Friday 14 May 2021
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Women never give up your education for a man

I can’t stress this enough, ladies PLEASE I BEG OF YOU do not be foolish when it comes to your study opportunities.

The world knows us for always being the gender who give up so much for another human being and I must plead with women to never give up their education for a man.

I have seen women who go as far as giving up scholarship opportunities that require them to go abroad for studies. Yes, there are actually some women who choose a man over their education because of the fear that their man whom they love so much may end up finding love with someone else, while they are away.

My sister wake up, if a man wants to find love with someone else he will do so and he can do so even if you are in close proximity to him. You being around or not, will not stop him. So please get yourself out of this silly bubble of unrealistic fantasies where you keep yourself locked in a relationship that you cannot grow in.

It’s such a sad reality seeing women give up so much. It’s sad that the person you give up your education for is not in the slightest way bothered that you choose to put your education on hold because of this so called love.

Never compromise your future for another being because trust me if your man was given the same opportunity to go abroad, he would grab it with both hands without even second guessing it.

If push comes to shove believe you me the same man you will sacrifice so much for will turn around after all the fake promises he made to you if you stayed with him only for him to find another women who is educated.

Men ( ok some men ) have a fear of seeing their significant other excel and any man who makes you feel as if your education is not something you should be in pursuit of is a man that is not right for you.

Someone who truly loves you will always want to push you to do better, they will be the first ones in your corner cheering you on and helping you pack your bags because they are happy to see going to excel in your studies.

In this day and age education is the only key to a brighter future, a man may just be an added bonus but your qualifications will always be there so create a better life for you.

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