Friday 14 May 2021
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Geingob wields axe, again


When President Hage Geingob declared the year 2018 as the year of reckoning, few would have thought it would include staff restructuring.
It has since emerged that a major human resource restructuring is happening quietly in the Office of the President, The Patriot can reveal.
Following the sacking of special assistants such as Tuli Garoes, Wensel Mavara, Jeff Mbako and Rachel Gowases months back, it turns out Geingob wielded his axe again.
The Patriot has learnt that the president’s security aide Ben Kavaendapi has also been shown the door. He formed part of the presidential security detail. Kavaendapi moved over to State House after being seconded from the trade and industrialization ministry.
He confirmed his sacking yesterday.
“At the moment I am still working at State House but only until end of October. Thereafter, I will be going back to the trade ministry,” said Kavaendapi.
Talks are also rife that Youth Advisor Daisry Mathias and the president’s assistant Sharonice Busch have also been shown the door. Sources within State House said the duo will work until the end October 2018.
When approached separately, both of them denied receiving termination letters.
“That is factually incorrect adding that they have not received notifications from the President,” said Mathias.
A presidency source defended the sackings saying: “It is not a negative thing, it is to ensure that the office is more invigorated and better positioned. It is possible some new people may also be joining in areas. It is good for the President to have given everybody the opportunity to serve. The last three years were good enough to determine who would fit into his agenda for the remainder of his term.”
There are also claims that Hengari has been stripped off the presidential advisory role and only serves as Press Secretary.
Hengari, in his recent media statements issued to the media refers to himself as ‘Press Secretary’ and no longer as ‘Presidential Advisor & Press Secretary.’
Questioned about the change of titles and claims that he was demoted, Hengari denied the allegations of a demotion saying the removal of the first tittle was his choice and the current reference is the same with his initial title.
“It is one and the same thing. If you want me to put back the advisory tittle, I will put it back in a statement that I will release next week Tuesday. The initial title is too cumbersome but I remain an advisor to the president,” he said.
Hengari took over from Albertus Aochamub.
Gowases, Geingob’s outgoing Senior Special Assistant, said she was not fired and does not owe the public any information with regards to her appointment as an assistant in the office of the president.
“I am not relieved as I remain a public servant until otherwise. At the moment, I don’t know of this news, I’m hearing it from you. Other than that, I do not owe you any explanation or clarity with regards to my work at State House,” said Gowases whose lifespan at State House ends later this month.
Mbako, the outgoing Presidential advisor for Community Affairs, also said he is working until end September.
Mbako said he has come out of retirement thrice to serve President Geingob, adding that this time he will be going for good.
“I would like to thank the President for calling me and allowing me to serve him. At the moment I will be going home to rest,” he said when asked about future prospects.
The Patriot can however confirm that some of the officials affected were those seconded from, who were deployed back to the service.
It was further gathered that those affected were issued sack letters through the Executive Director in the presidency, Etienne Maritz.

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