Saturday 15 May 2021
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Thirsty women should stay home and drink oros

This is to all the women who wake up with an evil agenda to milk our young brother’s wallets dry each and every chance they get. To the women who dress up and make their way to clubs with nothing but their taxi money in their handbags hoping to find a man in the club who is willing to sponsor her and her girlfriends with drinks, I urge you to stay home if you cannot finance your own drinks.

Stop going out if you cannot afford it, please stop troubling hardworking men’s wallets  – they are not your fathers. I get so irritated by women who I find at times sitting at a bar or restaurant dressed in clothes they have borrowed from friends acting like they have their lives all together, but are nothing but money sucking demons.
It’s embarrassing to say the least and women should stop selling themselves short for something as small as a ‘Moet’  bottle that they want to post on their Instagram pages just to show off. In this day and age my sister’s people in other countries are catching regular flights and securing money for their homes while you waste away your time sitting in Monaco and Pharaohs just to take a picture holding a glass of champagne that adds no value to your life.

I believe it’s high time the world joined hands and started to name and shame all these thirsty women because they all should be sent back to their homes. There is really nothing wrong with staying home and quenching your thirst with water or oshikundu. Leave the champagne and Hennessey drinks to those who can pay for it.

You are not only painting a bad image for yourself but for the rest of us females. We now get men who think they have the right to walk up to any women they find and offer to buy her over with drinks because such women have created such an image that makes men think that this is all we go looking for on a night out.

Some of us genuine women, go out with the aim to have fun on our own, with our own money that we have worked for and we do so with the hopes of not being harassed by men who take out their wallets to buy us over.

So next time, stay home if you can’t afford to take yourself out.  Stay home and drink Oros.


This column is based on personal experience and in no way reflects the editorial policy of this publication

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