Thursday 15 April 2021
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Show off your wheels

Doing it once again for charity, Brag Nights a car park off event will today from 7pm host ‘Cars at Sunset’ at the Mega Centre behind Grove Mall as a build up to its main event Windhoek’s Motor Club Brag Nights Tony Rust Raceway expected to take place on 1 September.

‘Cars at Sunset’ is one of the six charity events hosted this year that accords car enthusiasts the opportunity to show off their pimped out vehicles to the public. During the same event, patrons donated canned food or old clothing for charity strictly as no money will be accepted.

During the ‘Cars at Sunset’ event, vehicle owners and motor clubs are also notified that the traffic department is aware of the event so there will be no fuss.

Car enthusiasts will also have the option of choosing from an array of activities to partake in such as viewing cars on display, interacting with different car owners on interior designs, rims and everything car related.

Food will also be made available with various DJs who will be spinning the desks to create a chilled atmosphere.
Nadia Van Wyk, organiser of Brag Nights who initially birth the idea since six years ago told The Lounge that there was a need to better promote car owners as many people always think negatively of them.

Throughout the years Brag Night is said to have seen a number of people from Windhoek, Swakopmund, and Rehoboth among other towns come together as community that works to the greater good of the less fortunate.

“This year I decided that I will have more charity events on every Friday of every second month. All the donated items that we will receive will be donated to different charity organisations or to members of a family that is really in need”.

She further highlighted that the motor community in Namibia for several years has been under the spot light for either being too loud or negligent on the roads and wanted to change that.

“This event aims to also promote road safety that is why during these events we do not sell alcohol nor do we allow people to bring alcohol to the event as well.

With our daily road safety issues not only in Namibia but all over the world, we as a community come together and try to make a difference we will because this will prevent so many of our friends and family from losing their lives on the road”.

Van Wyk further explained that the event aims to continue building the motor community in Namibia which had started off with a two person car club to 50 members up to date.

“No matter the size if we have the same goals you will always have our support, whether you just started as a business owner selling tyres to installing the loudest sound system, we will always give you the platform to get as much exposure at the Brag Night events as well”.

Always wanting to create something different, Van Wyk concluded by noting that during the upcoming Windhoek’s Motor Club Brag Nights at the Tony Rust Raceway there will be competitions in categories such as sound offs, best rim display, best rev off, best new school, best old school and Limbo.

Winners who buy tickets to the Windhoek’s Motor Club Brag Nights Tony Rust Raceway will also be automatically entered into the draw and will stand a chance to win a set of rims.

“If you have a nice car that you would like to show off you are more than welcome, there are no limits”.

Entry is free for the event tonight.

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